Elektron @ TSR19 Thomann Synth Reaktor


I actually liked the akwardness coming out of that event. To me it actually showed me the more human side of the youtubers.
I enjoyed the collectiveness a lot. I felt kind of sad that they had to separate again.
Personally I’m also kind of an odd ball myself, even if I don’t try to be so. I’m the kind of guy that enjoys a bright grey cloudy heaven and a bit of rain just as an example.


I think for a lot of people that don’t have access to gear, or like to check out what they should get and why etc the people behind their YouTube channels do a lot of good and important work. Everyone I met at TSR were very nice, humble and cool people that were genuinely interested in sound, music and its tools.

As for the event itself - I had a blast! There was no corporate or stale vibe at all, it was very open and welcoming. We got taken care of really well too, and the organization of it was pretty much immaculate compared to many other events I’ve been to.

I hope they continue doing this, it was in my eyes a big success for everyone invovled.
Sure, it’s a big commercial for Thomann - we all know that - but they didn’t hide that fact, and considering the amount of time and effort that went into it, I say fair enough.


Synth youtubers are definitely an acquired taste, I agree that a lot of them try too hard and seem to portray themselves as an authority when it is quite clear that they are just amateurs, I prefer the likes of hainbach, 8bitguy, divkid and the few others who don’t seem to be interested in coming across like salesmen.
LMNC and magpie are quite funny but I have to be in the mood for their sometimes over the top humour and zaniness, I wish they’d dial it back a bit, although often their content is better than some of the synth “experts” who seem to be afraid of being critical for fear of not getting pre-release gear, which is rather shill like IMHO.
But I quite enjoyed dipping into the TSR19 videos, I found the more experimental or pragmatic stuff more interesting than the hype-ey or jam stuff though, mostly.


exactly the impression I get


I would go as far as saying they completely lack of personality outside of a scripted video. Obviously this dosent include synthmania, cuckoo and the english dude(look mom) with mohawk that build all these crazy things.

I would have loved to see Loopop and red means recording (dont know if they were part of this, i stopped watching the videos).

And my favorite video is


I would never go this far, cause I know none of them personally. Do you?


that’s really cool :slight_smile:


No, but i have eyes :crazy_face: and they all make amazing videos normally, so I do have something to compare with.


too much



Is it just my end or is there no video, only a black screen with audio? :grin:


For me, this Synth presentation, review, testing and nerdic walking on the tube has gone from “yeah, let’s watch some synth talk” to “oh, man what is this mediocre blatant talking with very boring and uninspired noodling about. F#ck it, I’ll make some music”. The gathering of the synth youtubers was embarrassing IMO. Feeding them with fame, for a giant marketing event to hype this “come on, buy this synth to be some next beatport star with generative boring music”. Sorry for being harsh, but this is overhyped stuff. Most disturbing was the senseless destruction of the roli board. This is stuff like having cars rolling over 600€ smartphones. Makes me kind of sad, to see this stupid stuff going on. Aah, this is different then Hendrix setting his guitar in fire. Lol


Haha how nice it is to read so many people not feeling the artificially manic side of some of the influencers.


This one is very nice!


I’m agree with the rolli part but not with the rest of your opinion. Most of the videos were great for me.


I can’t stand to watch any YouTube synths videos, they all seem so corny and fake to me… :joy:
Maybe I just don’t know the good ones, admittedly I never really look to hard but everytime I’ve clicked one I never get past the beginning… I wish em the best though… :slight_smile:

I guess I like cuckoo and defenestration and some of the other nauts around here, but those aren’t like actors putting on some kind of gimmicky trend based show and making advertisements which are what most I’ve clicked on seem like…


I have been enjoying Hainbach’s more experimental videos recently after watching the black midi one from TSR19 linked above. He seems to be more into making them as guides rather than as adverts. I like his records too.


Yeah, I don’t mean to be too snarky, the tutorials are different and are more interesting to me, but a lot seem to be like I said… :slight_smile:



as much as I like your latest EP, I really need a full album of your Digitone tunes :slight_smile: