Elektron @ TSR19 Thomann Synth Reaktor


Found this quite funny to watch. I can relate a lot. :slight_smile: I like, the videos, that are not that specific gear centric


I’ve been watching some more of these videos that are continuing to emerge and I’m starting to think there are two parts to this - the video coming from TSR19, and the personalities of the various youtubers. There’s been a good few videos that I’ve quite enjoyed now. The ones where it’s about demo’ing the same features that we’ve seen a good few times or the really clickbaity stuff I really can’t be fussed with… the LMNC, Simon the Magpie (the god-emperor of wacky funsterism (see earlier post)) or Noire Et Clickbait being key offenders.

Other ones where we get an insight into the process behind things, or just a more human discussion of various things I can get into.

And in that way, I’m thinking that the event maybe isn’t so bad as I was earlier thinking. I just need to be careful to avoid those youtubers that aren’t quite to my taste.


Yup, quality and professionalism will always shine. Just sharpen your own bullshit sensor.


I really agree with all you’ve said on this, jeye_musik.

I also think there is a little coaching from Thomann or more precisely from the organizers of this at Thomann. They had the video studios set up, with the audio capture and camera people (and i read a little bit of direction.) I think that is why so many videos were done as interviews, or as collaboratives, or collaborative performances. Most of the people that went also made a promo video before they went that seemed similar, probably under direction. I may be reading too much into it, but even when Cuckoo and Rachel K Collier escaped in a Tesla to make a video on the road – either that was encouraged by Thomann, or those two decided to get the hell out of the Treppendorf.


agree…the power of corporate sponsorship and the lure of potentially increase in subscription …

some like Hainbach are more involved in the arts offering interesting unforced no gimmick vids