Elektron @ TSR19 Thomann Synth Reaktor


An Elektron Jam at TSR19 with Cenk, Jade Wii and Ess. Octatrack and 2 Digitones.


Cockoo plays in a Tesla ^^


“If you teach your kids to tune all the oscillators to 423 Hz at a young age, they will be in resonance with Earth”. :mage:


Nice to see a clip like this without a Swedish youtuber hosting :kissing_heart:


Jade Wii, Ess and Bobeats on a Digitakt, Digitone and Korg Prologe.


look at 1:45 how dirty that Digitone is! The girl must have some kind of make up brush to clean this shit! Same with Look mum no computer, how can you let your instruments go like that to become that dirty, bunch of dustcollectors! Such a shame!


i think thats not their personal synths…they where out of the store :wink:


thats an awesome idea the megadrone :smiley:


Ahahah I so love this !


The story of my musical career to date.


Really enjoyed that one!


No Elektron involved Here but still very interesting:

I wonder why that event doesnt resonate Here so much…


for shure better then the namm show :wink:
is that the future for music buisness?


Because the marketing strategy behind this event jumps in your face so much.


was it an event ? … i thought it was just a marketing strategy :tongue:

yes - it’s painfully transparent, contrived and awkward - especially when the influencers are having to watch the clock to fulfil an obligation and the time is filled with stilted nothingness (i’m thinking of some other uploads fwiw)


It was an Event for some Youtubers…some uploads are very funny with Simon the Magpie and Mom look no Computer. I like the idea…


this is an awesome set by ströme with modular synths…very musical :wink:
the crackles and noises sometimes hurt a bit…maybe there was a brocken cable. As there you can see Simon has bees in his ass and rock the floor :smiley:



Yeah some are badly prepared but Others are quite nice.


no doubt there are many more decent videos to uncover, but this one below popped into my recommendations on youtube - 20 minutes lost forever, except learning that the Pro1 clone can sound incredible … (having wasted a similar amount on the previous one comparing MicroFreak to Crave i should’ve known better)- i think the least a presenter can do is learn a bit before hand or have an agenda (which the guy on the left at least tried to improvise), this was pretty shambolic and the clock watching was embarrassing

it’d have been better if they all divided the time doing their own thing … probably

giving the folk more time to prep would’ve been better for all parties involved… presenters. manufacturers, thomann, viewers


Oh you really did the whole 20 minutes? I stopped after 2…
The Guy in the left is Ben aka DivKid. He does very great modular Reviews and i Just learned that He is also an excellent Interviewer. Check His Channel, great stuff to discover there. His Ike…erm Teenage Engineering PO 400 Modular review is brilliant.