Elektron @ TSR19 Thomann Synth Reaktor


Divkid is great!! :slight_smile:
I really love the Mutable Instrument stuff so versatile useage.


To be honest I am kind of sad to see all those youtubers dragged in this big marketing campaign.
I like watching look mum no computer build cool stuff, cockoo giving in depth tutorials or a really good lopoop review.
But this ever so slightly becomes pure marketing. Please stay with quality content I don‘t need to know the 3 Top Synths of 2018.


Good to see, the Music Industry isn’t dead yet.


Well, even if it is some kind of marketing event, most of the youtubers said it didn’t fell at all like one. There were no requirements what they had to present. It was more like a music specific Youtube meetup. They could rent time slots for the filming rooms (if they want) and show whatever they wanted.

The marketing itself also didn’t really feel like marketing. Instruments of different companies were shown together in videos. They jammed with them together and even compared them

I also thought it’s brilliant to hear all the youtubers jamming together with different instruments. This can’t be done on trade shows like namm (which are basically also marketing events).


That’s good to hear, it didn’t scan like that on first take … this also gives a more useful impression of what was occurring … still, it’s a strange new world … also substantially bigger than it seemed from the handful of vids … i wonder if it’ll work out for Thomann, that didn’t look like a small undertaking


This Youtube synth thing it’s so embarrassing that it’s making me pass less time on the internet.
Probably it’s a good thing.


Bob Eats ran across Dieter Döpfer and didnt notice…shame. Chance missed.


Luckily there are always nice exceptions:

Hainbach is great, got some of his tapes too.


is that a joke? :smiley:


more rigorous analysis than in some others :wink: :tongue:


For me this event is a total success. I have to say that I enjoyed most of the videos coming from it. Lot of creativity mixed and a really good atmosphere. I hope it will append again next year.


I’ve just watched Look Mum and Simon The Magpie cut the guts out of a perfectly working Roli Seabord Rise 25.
Left me with a bitter taste.
Total waste.


i could see why influencers might be interesting in going , and why thomann would do this event (large marketing blitz using people who are keen to use new gear)… i assumed the ‘booking of rooms’ thing was to ensure people got chance to record/use gear with nice cameras and audio feeds , nothing sinister.

but it is blatant , I’m not sure the results so far have made me want to buy anything and my opinions of some of the influencers hasnt changed (i’ll be honest , some of them annoy me a lot and i actively block them , I’m sure if i tried to be an influencer I’d annoy many people too ) . I did feel like Divkid was at least trying to prompt use of the equipment that might be of interest to the viewer (this is on the pro1,101,crave vid) .

i havent noticed if the rd808 was there , a little suspicious by its absence ? … most of the other gear i’ve seen in the videos have been covered on youtube vids already.

overall , not a completely successful marketing gimmick but it looked fun for the people that went.


This is just the sort of gentle irreverence I can get behind. I also like to refer to him as Bobby Eats and even Rab Eats (if I’m feeling stereo-typically Scottish).

I dunno about this event though… for whilst there’s been some decent videos making an appearance the cringe factor has been high. The weird sort of cult of personality that so many of these youtubers are trying to cultivate is off-putting. Like having little gimmicks to differentiate themselves. And if you’ll forgive the vernacular, but a lot of the patter is rank rotten… too many wacky funsters too.


Lol sorry my english is ok but i understood only half of the words you Used, but i think i got the Idea behind it.
Bo is a nice chap, but sometimes over the top for my taste. Hainbach and DivKid are very nice to watch and follow. Ann Annie ist a great musician. So i really liked the Event. Its a different approach to Marketing than the usual boring tradeshow or Mass audience oriented stuff Like Superbooth. Refreshing and i am curious how it will Develop. And what collabs might start Here.


I think the real tell for next year is not whether Thomann has a #TSR20, i think it’s a given – but how many of the illuminati attend again. It’s funny to watch the ebb and flow of various tradeshows, there seems to be movements en masse year to year.

As to having a collective, in some ways Novation did this with the launch of the the SLM3 back in October, when they invited Loopop, Cuckoo, Rachel K Collier, Bo Beats, and DivKid. What’s the future for this ?

Note on my choice of words:

I picked the word “illuminati” sarcastically, i actually like that incorrigible lot a lot. Incorrigible is sarcastic too.


Apologies, that’s probably a timely reminder for me that not everyone is a native English speaker and when my own father at times struggles to follow my rambling I probably should calm down a little…

What I was saying was that I find the whole youtubers thing to be a little artificial… like they’re trying too hard to make an impression or be noticed. It doesn’t strike me as natural conversation at times. I don’t doubt that they’re all nice people. And some of them I do enjoy watching but others less so.

A few translations… “patter is rank rotten” means I found some of the jokes to be unfunny. a “wacky funster” is someone who tries too hard to be the centre of attention, or to present themselves as being a bit “off-the-wall” or acts in a way as if to say “hey!!! look at me!!!” but it is to the detriment of them being engaging or charismatic. I’d much rather have listen to people who are more straight-forward, know their stuff, are perhaps a bit more relaxed.

Just in comparison to Superbooth - I personally find that much more to my tastes and could imagine going there whereas things Musikmesse and NAMM are just too huge and faceless. Having a smaller more specialised event where anyone can go and just speak to manufacturers, try out new gear and then if there are some panel discussions and maybe some bands playing then that’s pretty cool too. TSR seems a bit exclusive.

That said, I still managed to watch a few…


The videos from that event are booring and or cringy to watch.
I doubt there will be another, there is no content or stories to be told. 60 synth drone, 100 pedal effect chain are the most original.
What Will they do next year go for the 90 synth drone?


Tough crowd!


Haha wacky funster…added to my personal favourite english Terms list. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I tottally agree with you. And watching Marc Doty or some of the others tottally drunk was also pretty bollocks and made me miss Nick Batt or mylarmelodies at that event even more. What happened at the party…they should have kept that in Treppendorf as a secret. In General it was ok Event. Personally i prefer this Kind of Format: