Elektron transfer can't connect to Digitone

So yeah, I bought a Digitone today, but I keep getting Connection Failed from Elektron transfer when I try to hook it up. Any ideas what I could do? I would really like to update the firmware…

Use C6 sysex.


Thanks, that did it. Had to try like three times before it transfered though.

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Glad you got it sorted. :slight_smile:

I have serious trouble using C6 with Digitone. Can’t get a preset pack I’ve downloaded from Elektron to transfer to Digitone. Upgrade to latest OS (which I did earlier) went fine though.

Note: Latest Digitone OS, “latest” C6 version, 10 years experience with Elektron gear that need C6 for upgrades et c (MD, MnM).

Could it be my Mac with OSX 10.13.6 High Sierra that causes the problem? Used the same computer and OS when I last transferred with success to Digitone via C6 though.

It’s hard to say because I don’t own a Mac but I would unplug all usb peripherals and make sure that the Digitone is listed in the C6 configure settings.

I just tried everything to make Transfer work on my MacBook. No joy. Opened C6 and dropped the sysex file onto it. Hit send, and it updated within 20 seconds. Grrreat!

I have the same problem. Updated to 1.10 version but can’t to OS 1.11 beta. Did you solve it somehow?

For future reference…I ran into this connection issue as well.
TRYING to upgrade my Digitione to OS 1.30A

My system: Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7
Download and installed Transfer 1.2.2 (Mac)
Download the Digitione OS 1.30A SysEx file.

The USB ports are working and the Digitone midi ports are identified and selectable in the drop downs. But the app can not CONNECT! I re-installed the app 3 times, 2 out of the 3 times the app would crash and I had to force quit, in other words, the transfer app is rendered useless!

The fix is easy yet the upload is painstakingly slow. So grab a drink and start the operation.

  1. Uninstall Transfer (just in case, if their are weird conflicts)
  2. Install the SysEx librarian from https://www.snoize.com/SysExLibrarian/
  3. Connect the USB cable to the Digitone and your Mac (lighting port hub), turn on the Digitone
  4. Navigate to the Settings menu on the Digitone and select ‘OS Upgrade’ from the System Menu
  5. Open up the SysEx Librarian select the destination (Digitone out 1) and drag and drop the Digitone SysEx file (OS upgrade file) into the browser window, press play…AND WAIT!

The Digitone should display a receiving bar… for a long time (30min or so)

Once the install is complete, the Digitone will message you to restart, recycle the power and take note of the newly installed OS!

And you’re done!

Out of curiosity once the OS had been updated I re-installed Transfer and lo and behold the app worked, it properly selected the midi ports and when I selected “Connect” it quickly moved into the transfer browser window. I closed Transfer and tried re-opening and BOOM… non responding app…LOL , C’mon Elektron, don’t ship your software unless it works!


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