My dear Elektronauts community,

I’m sad to be writing this, but the time has come for me to move on. At the end of October I’m officially leaving both Elektron and Sweden.

I started at Elektron in March 2015 as part of the customer support team. Being a huge fan of Elektron (I remember reading the MnM and MD manuals cover-to-cover multiple times as a teenager) I was elated to join.

Back then I never thought I would end up designing the GUI, features and sound engines in some of Elektron’s most successful instruments. To this day I’m still in a bit of disbelief when I think about it. Digitone was my dream synth and we made it a reality.

Early on I started replying to posts here on Elektronauts, I dove in head-first dispelling rumors about sound-quality, helping with technical issues and taking note of bugs. There was some friction initially - who was I to come in and state things as facts?? But then you all quickly warmed up to me, we started talking about gear, music and so on… When I eventually started working with product design, the conversations and discussions on Elektronauts proved an invaluable resource and compass for where to go next.

It’s been very important for me to stay in touch with the user base, and I think it’s been a great success. Even though I haven’t responded much to feature requests or the like I did read all of the threads and kept a close eye on what the most burning wishes were. Unfortunately not all of it was possible, but I just want you to know that I have deeply appreciated all of your input and support.

So it is with a heavy heart that I have to say goodbye and thank you, I wish I could have stayed on for longer but ultimately it became time for me to move on and move forward.

And as for what is next, well… I’m going to release an instrument of my own and take it from there, hopefully picking up some freelance work along the way. My new home will be in Berlin where you can most likely find me in front a monitor doing what I do best; synthesizers.



ps. You can (still) always reach out to me about anything:


That is sad to read… All the best!!

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Cheers. You’ve been a big inspiration to me. The Digitone is the only hardware I have now and I love it very much!


Thanks for everything and good luck to you in your new endeavors!

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Good luck dude, you’ve been great.

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Interested to see what’s coming. Good luck

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Best of luck man, and a big thank you for all your hard work, excellent customer service and generally being an all round righteous dude. I look forward to seeing what you do next, I’m sure it will be awesome, much love :heart_decoration:


Good luck my friend!

Best of luck. Can’t wait to see what is next @Ess .

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Good luck with everything - your openness has always been appreciated, and while I don’t yet have a Digitone, it’s on my want list !

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Good luck on the next move!!

gosh … all the best with your future endeavours and new base … i didn’t see this coming, it seemed to me you were becoming an intrinsic part of the future heartbeat of Elektron … first Olle and now you too, that’s changed the complexion of the visible side of Elektron for the community quite a bit this year - look forward to see your creations, the dna in those with your input are mighty achievements by any standard, let alone from a young man faced now with all that time in front of you to progress your ambitions - best of luck, fabulous city to start the next part of your journey, wow !


Best of luck and thank you for the Digitone :v:


Damn, how did I miss that?


All the best for you in Berlin! Thanks for all you did for the community!

Sad to hear that, excited about what you’ll bring in the future! I’ve really enjoyed your contributions on here over the years. Good luck

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You will be missed greatly! I will keep an eager eye out for your future output

Just signed up on your mailing list! Looking forward to it. Best of luck and skill!


Thanks for the heads up regarding the mailing list!

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May the Brightness increase and continue to be with you, Ess! Thanks for everything you’ve done for Elektron and the community!