Elektron ECC-6 Backpack

The versatile ECC-6 Backpack is now available from our webshop, for comfortable, secure travel with and without machines.

Several tabletop devices can be stored in a variety of combinations, while compression straps and a roll top design let you adjust the carry capacity with ease. Pack lightly or load up depending on your trip.

Included is a separate travel wallet for documents and phones, an internal compartment to give you easy access to laptops up to 15″, and a number of quick-grab pockets.

Head here to purchase or find out more.


Yes please.

Oh wow this is stylish


Nice price for a 30L roll-top!


great design

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Love it. Can’t wait for it to be on Thomann so I can get free shipping on an M:C. Also, 100% vegan is a nice touch!


This solves a lot of problems for me. Nice one @Elektron!

how much is it? Seems to be out of stock now

89.00 USD


If I take this given combination as an example:
1 × Octatrack, 1 × Analog Rytm MKII, 1 × Digitone

Does it hold those, plus all their power leads, plus laptop?

If so, sounding good!


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Whoa this looks so nice! I’m very tempted but I have many backpacks collected over the years, maybe I can’t justify this…


This is lovely. Been needing a bag like this to go with my HPRC2550W for a while now.

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product page states, “rugged weather resistant”.
does that include any water proofing?

in the summer I’m sure there might be situations where I would sit it down on damp surfaces.
would like to know how careful I need to be with this during adventures.

typically no.

For such uses, I usually just buy a $5 can of Scotchgard Heavy Duty Water Shield and spray it on. Works great. I first used it on my old camping tent and was super impressed. Then an old pair of boots, and now most of my bags.


In my experience, ‘weather resistant’ in a bag usually means the fabric itself is some kind of water proof (though might wet through in heavy rain), but the seams and/or zips aren’t sealed. You’re probably fine in a rain shower or on damp surfaces but you’re not going to want to expose it to heavier conditions if you need full waterproof conditions.


it would be nice to have pictures of some of the combinations


Looks nice, any backpack wit g-hook buckle has extra points in my book.

that’s good to know.
definitely won’t be taking it in extreme rain conditions.
mostly to combat light splashes and such.
and also various damp surfaces.
but now that I think about it more, I’ll most likely wrap the models: in a towel, if storage capacity prohibits. (I’m extra cautious)
along with adamjay’s advice also, either way I should be fine now.

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