Elektron and MPC Prog Change

intersting…ill try that. I thought the MPC didnt take only sent prog change.

kinda kills my “jam” vibe tho. I thing the MPC is very “jammy”. only just now am I finding its werk flow seems to suit the way I do shit. shame I cant get the elektrons to follow it properly. coulda been really sick.

extremely disappointing.

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I guess I should add that I’m using an MPC1000 w/jjos2xl.

im using Live

yep, it works like that. i’m used to it, actually it helps to make smooth transitions when i change tracks, gives you a bit of time to mute stuff )

Ya I was actually thinking of using that way. Ae made their patterns like that intentionally it looks like. MD would have a pattern that was 2 bars while MM had patterns that are 4. So there is overlap on the transition parts.

I just like sorting shit out. That’s all. Not that’ll help me make better tunes. It’ll just keep me from getting stuck if I get in a flow.

IMO it’s the way the Elektron sequencers synchronise pattern with the rest of the setup. I have four of those and all of them show the same behaviour :frowning:

It has been addressed here as well …

… you are not alone :wink:

Oh I KNOW I’m not alone, seen many threads about this issue with all kinds of other gear, so I know the Eleks have some kind of prog change issue. But I found werk arounds using a DAW and setting prog changes towards the end of a loop.
But that doesn’t werk with the MPC. And I think it cuz the MPC forces an event at the start of the loop, and you can’t delete it without removing any following events. I tried creating an event at the start then using nudge to push it along and it force generates a new event.
So I think the MPC sending out a change message at the start messes up any messages down the line.

It’s frustrating. Never bugged me before, I seq-ed mostly with DAW. But that made my shit super dull. Prefer the vibe I’m getting seq-ing from Live


Just weighing in here to say that I use an A4mk1 live, and previously had an OTMK1 in the setup too. Both slaved to an external clock (Initially Logic Pro, now a Critter & Guittari Organelle). I never experienced issues with the Elektron machines responding to Program Changes.

In that particular setup, I seldom used the built-in sequencers though - they were being sequenced/played externally. Maybe that is part of the issue.

Perhaps find a way to isolate the issue and see whether it’s the MPC, or indeed whether it is the Elektron machines but only under certain conditions. If you’re handing with Pure Data / Max, I always find that a neat way to sandbox these kinds of problems and work out exactly what is going on.

IIRC … I can define any event at any arbitraty time slot (“Now Field”) by using the “Event List” on my old MPC 5k. Wouldn’t this be similar to your DAW approach?

Maybe a midi-monitor could shade some light on the ongoings in your setup?

Ya I’ll toss a monitor in Logic and see what’s getting spit out.

But bottom line is, which I can NOT figure out why, the MPC Live forces a prog change on the first frame of a loop. I can’t find a way around it.

Like I said, I solved the issue making the changes from my DAW, and would be just as easy in MAX. But that’s all plotted. Wipes the jammy vibe out.

Sadly I have none of the latest MPCs but I have just cecked the MPC X/Live manual … :thinking:

Have you checked the MPC “List Edit Mode”. This reads exactly as the “Event List” on my MPC 5k.

According to the manual, section “Operation/Modes/List Edit Mode”, there is a list of options including “Program Change”. If I understand this correctly, you should be able to generate a Program Change directly inside the midi command stream of events at a time of your choice .

Did you use the Event List or the “standard” program change in a MIDI program? It might make a difference.

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I was doing stuff in list.
I didn’t know you could prog change in the midi prog. I’ll check that.
I had read tho that list was really the only way.

I will reiterate tho…I can’t for the life of me figure out why prog change and bank select force an event at the start of a loop. Event when you try to insert one on bar 4, it will auto fen one at the start of the first bar as well. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Id at least like to know the reason it does that.

and to @PoisonousBirds and to anyone else using Logic.

I FIXED IT. and ill make the assumption it werks for anything…

in the Logic Environment I placed two Transformers. one to filter notes and send them to the Digitone. and the Other to filter and shift by -1 Program Change values. and there is no need to use the MPC lis events in this case. you just need to set, on a track, the program value and midi channel and you will get INSTANT Program changes when you change sequences. [you have to use a SUB on the Program Change value to match the patterns in the Digitone as it starts at 0 and the MPC won’t let you set a value of 0 for Program Change.

this is FANTASTIC! ill post a pic of what I did…and a vid shortly [I have some freakin errands to do]

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ARG its off by a 1/4 note.


gotta use List. forget about the MAIN page.
its needs to be set up like this…on s two bar loop you set the change on the last 1/4 of the last bar.
I have one loop of each section with just the loop, the duplicate has the Program Change in it.

still using the Logic environment to keep the messages clean.

all sounds come from Digitone. perc sounds are on Digitone, synth sounds are MIDI triggered from MPC to show that both the seq in the DN and the MPC are in time.
there is NO EXCUSE for the shit loops…but I chose sounds to distinguish the different patterns and sequences.

IT WERKS and its TITE!


Great, congratulations, thanks for sharing :+1:

Amazing, so to clarify, is the fault with the MPC, rather than the Elekrons?

Could the Elektron machines be more forgiving of bloated messages do you think, or is it just bad software on the MPC?

You could totally make an intermediary breakout box using an Arduino or Pi that does just this job. Always place it between the MPC and the Elektron and it should work!

If I knew why the MPC forces and event at the start of the first bar, I might have a better idea. But…as everyone seems to be having issues with different gear triggering program change on Elektron gear, even the Elektrons (having to put a prog change within the last quarter of the last bar for it werk), I’d say the issue is with the Elektron boxes.

Elektron are designed to receive PC at least 200ms before,

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This seems to have been addressed in latest.