Dub Techno Recommendations

I’ve surely heard dub techno before, but only recently was I conscious what I was enjoying is dub techno. I was watching a video of someone playing with a bunch of Elektrons and was really taken by the atmosphere and slowly gestating warmth.

Of course I googled “dub techno,” and listened to a bunch of examples. But I feel the hive mind here would be smarter than google—also I didn’t like most of the examples in the googled articles.

Could you guys recommend some really standout dub techno? To further qualify my question, since genre recommendations are so open-ended, embeds of the performance that piqued my interest and a song I found subsequently that I’m also liking as a guide towards a specific kind of dub techno.


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Probably like a lot of people here I’m pretty passionate about it.

You’ve really gotta hand it to Basic Channel who kind’ve got the whole thing going in the 90’s with a Detroit/Berlin connection.

From there it’s kind’ve ballooned outwards.

An interesting side-effect, is much like vaporwave, dub-techno is a very ‘internet-heavy’ genre, a lot of it free. But it is also a vinyl heavy genre. To me it often seems like there’s two camps - proper physical release dub-techno and then internet dub-techno (if that makes sense).

I’ve been following lots of dub techno ‘netlabels’ for years, but my current fave, and probably in more ambient-dub-techno territory is the Archives label, out of Spain.


Of course, you can’t go past Silent Season (Canada), who have been a slawart in the scene for years (and branching out into their own territory and style).


Other members here could probably chime in on more physical release imprints but if u want a history lesson you cant go past Basic Channel, Echocord, Rhythm and Sound, Burial Mix, Echospace, Telrae etc.

I also love just listening to mixes on Soundcloud and Coltep and crew do a great regular mix called Echogarden. Also check out the dubtechnoblog for regular mixes too.

Some more old school netlabels (some defunct now, some active, … others lingering online) are Thinner label, Stadtgruen, Sublime Porte, Energostatic, Insectorama etc…

& Prob my most listened to release of all time… its just straight up



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2 i like :



L.B. Dub Corp (Luke Slater)

both more on the banging side of the dub

Logged in to reply but see mattleaf has already unearthed a goldmine here. great stuff mattleaf. thanks for sharing.

dub techno has been my favorite genre for a few years now. i listen to everything, but it has me consistently coming back and listening when i am worn down by the world.

the kings, for me, are Rhythm & Sound, and Mauritz Von Oswald’s various other guises.

i haven’t delved as far as some. i am still enthralled by the larger names like R&S, Yagya, Deepchord, etc. but i am also discovering a world of lesser known artists exists on labels and blogs like the ones mattleaf has mentioned. there is no shortage of talent in this genre. it runs deep. no pun intended.

Some of these might not be strict dub techno, but i was never good at determining genres. there is some overlap always. some more to add to the thread…

Maurizio, https://www.youtube.com/user/repeatle/videos, Vladislav Delay, Pole, Peak, Brendon Moeller, Intrusion, Mikke Metal, Luke Hess, etc.

fact mag’s 25 best dub techno tracks

ps - some of my own stuff has dub techno elements. i always start off making a dub techno tune but it invariably ends up more in a strange hybrid of dub techno and warp records idm like Boards of Canada, etc. i’ll make a pure dub techno ep someday.


An excellent Dub Techno primer:
Deadbeat - ‘Radio Rothko’
I really recommend checking this out. It’s superbly selected and mixed with an obvious sympathy for the aesthetics of this ever evolving sound.

Standout producers that I continuously return to are:



Various Artists (Torsten Pröfrock / T++)

The latter produced what I think is probably one of my favourite listening experiences of all time - ‘Number 8’ (see links below).

Lush Lush Lush

Wow, this https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGSSFkUjSBpDzA1aD4yq1zw dude is really good. Thanks for the link, I found another one of his:

Love his live tracks so far.
And definitely a great list of dub techno artists in this thread (one of my favorite genres as well) :kiss:

My hint is Marko Fürstenberg


This live noodeling fom him is very good, it has never gone from my playlist since then

He also was a part of the netlabel culture back then with the label thinner


This is a really awesome bunch of replies. I’m gonna spend a lot of time slowly going through all of them.

Thank you, mattleaf, for the historical info. It’s good context to have as I’m listening to it all.

Ohrwert! He also uses octatrack

It’s worth mentioning I think how much of an important part Thinner played back in the day. Currently that label only really exists as an archive on scene.org or archive.net… But in its time it had an amazing website and design aesthetic. Every single album had an animated cover online, at the time it really seemed like the future. I cant believe more artists and labels arent doing that today given how much of a canvas the digital screen is for that kind of thing. Autoplate was the sister label of Thinner and specialised more in the ambient side of things. Thinner was the techno side. But a lot of those labels kind’ve died. I think part of the ethos evolved out around the time of creative commons and open source culture, and every album was free. In the end it hurt them because there was no income. And if they did try to charge nobody bought into it. Silent Season definately was the first to try and wade out of those murky waters and started doing limited run cd-r’s on cardboard etc. They do vinyl now. But now Bandcamp is here and people are buying digital music, so its all probably in a lot better place. Still, as great as Bandcamp is it homogenises whats possible for the digital audio-visual experience, I think. Like Thinner, I really hope things get back to more personalised and original outputs in future.

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…Loving this thread…

+1 for Pole. Saw him live a couple years back, maybe one of my favourite sets ever. His releases can be pretty subtle but in the flesh, man, huge sound

Deadbeat’s ‘New World Observer’ is a mint release from him also, great album

Fluxion is another heavy hitter … Love this one:

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Some good stuff in here:

one more :slight_smile:

lovely active label , ambient, gentle sounds… dewtone


Early Juan’s stuff…

Great to see so many lovers of Dub Techno here. This genre is where I feel most at home. Yagya’s Rigning album is blissful.

Mattleaf, Bwax, and others have already mentioned those who are considered to be the essential dub techno artists, but I’d also like to add: Atheus, Fingers in the Noise, The Nautilus Project, Mr. Cloudy, and Vainqueur.

Also check out these links:

154 “sun” WOW !! i wish there was more like that, more than just the usual dub chords.