DT MIDI loopback discussion


Ever tried to MIDI itself? MIDI out –> MIDI in
Best bugs i‘ve ever seen!

The funniest thing is if i unplug the MIDI wire, it‘s still MIDIing itsels :thinking::joy::see_no_evil:
Even if i disable the LFO or muting the MIDI track from which i‘m sending …

Is there an internal MIDI function i haven‘t explored?

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You are causing a feedback loop most likely. Do MIDI loopback at your own risk. Some here swear by it, I think it’s risky if you don’t know what you are doing. You can easily set up an LFO to send continuous MIDI data on a channel, and then by accident have it come back in on that channel, and back out…and back in…etc


By function i haven‘t done MIDI loopback, but this seems to happen …
I understand how this can be a benefit if you know how to, but i just wanted to add more lfos to an audiotrack, accidently i‘ve also added notes,

So the function trig/knob and so on do not refer to internal MIDI routing?

How to avoid MIDI loopback or what causes it?


There is no internal midi routing. Midi feed back happen when a machine is fed midi into itself and it causes commands and notes to not function properly. For instance currently if you feed the digitakt midi into itself and press double stop it cause a feedback loop and the machine needs to be turned off for resuming normal operation.

Some say items like a thru box help prevent midi feed back as it helps keep midi sorted


Understand and somehow that was clear to me!
I‘m wondering what happend to my scenario …

You mean a filtering through box or a simple through box?
Means if i send MIDI through AR this would avoid loopbacks?

If i‘m just adressing the channels i realy want to, but there are still happening strange things!

MiDIing itself would make a lot of fun if it would work like expected!
Song modes, more lfos or weird lfos while combining, additional notes …

Have to explore this!


Well there are two sides of thought on this, some believe a machine should not be fed it’s own midi signal because of expected feed back loops so if you are of that school of thought, things are working as expected. If you are not of that school of thought and are putting the midi back into itself you can’t expect perfect smoothness. It’s just not something that ever works exactly as expected.

There was mentioned in one of the update or bug threads that they were working on things to make midi loop back function a little better

I’d totally try looping it through the ar back into the dt. Just to see if it changes things


I also explored that my loopbacks like lfo and notes are still present while unplugging wire and rebooting.
Even if i change or disable parameters on the MIDI track i‘ve been sending …

Makes internal ghost MIDIing possible and i highly welcome this bug! :heart_eyes: I can connect a different MIDI source now while having multiple lfos, notes and plocks on diferent tracks :scream:
I hope OB will have something like GUI or virtual MIDI patchbay to root every DT MIDI track to wherever you want internally (and externally)

Just to know for others exploring this:
This ghost modulation is still present if you change patterns, but disaepears when changing the pattern (made that ghosting) before rebooting!

Let‘s see how many ghost modularors can be made until the CPU screams and results in dropouts :thinking::man_facepalming::joy:


When you say risky, do you mean that there could be some kind of permanent damage, or that it could crash while performing?


OB will not have a MIDI patchbay.

What you call MIDI patchbay is your DAW itself and this already works without OB (just use the Digitakt MIDI-In&Out visible in your DAW).

“Ghost” Modulation: IMHO that’s the still full MIDI buffer which gets slowly cleared (+ bugs).


I doubt it could cause permanent damage, but I am by no means an expert in MIDI feedback/loopback. Traditionally, I avoid it like the plague. But I may experiment with it someday, but only through a MIDI patchbay, where I can filter out all data I don’t want sent back into the DT. Won’t ever physically connect a MIDI cable from out to in. Sorry for taking this off topic mods


do we really talk about MIDI loopbacks?
if this wents too off topic it‘s ok for me to split, but at first this appeared us bug for me!

for my understanding a loopback would result if any track would send its own parameters to itself!?

as DT has multiple, adressable MIDI tracks and adressable MIDI in ports this is something totally different to me …

i‘m not getting how my DAW could be a patchbay for sending and routing desired parameters from DT to DT but i will dive in :wink:


Hey S4M, I’m pretty sure that connecting a midi cable from the DT’s midi Out to Midi In is not mentioned in the manual. Hence anything resulting from doing just that cannot be thought of as a “bug”. I think the topic should be split and renamed “Midi Loopback Tips and Tricks”. But whatever, just trying to do my civic duty :wink:


sure, it‘s a hack and needs it‘s own topic!

i‘m running into plenty of questions with this …

thanks for giving some clearness to this guys :+1:t2:


Hey @S4M

I just wanted to let you know that midi loopback is tricky but it’s very possible.
It helps to start simple and build it up. I would suggest first setting the Encoder, Trig Key, and Mute destinations to internal only. Perhaps disable most channels to begin with besides one track, also autchannel can get tricky.

MIDI just follows a path laid out by your device settings. By studying the exact midi routing behaviors of a device or devices, you can think through the path that the midi will follow and be able to determine if it will make a feedback loop. There’s usually some detailed settings you can make on your devices that will stop certain feedback loops you spot. It’s usually doable to end up with a non feedback loop scenario without a midi filter but you must be very careful thinking through every possible path the midi might take as you do different things. I’m not going to get into specific settings and such, but wanted to share this nevertheless…


hey guys,
i will dive into this in the next days and will be back with some facts, practical tricks and workarounds.
this seems to open up some pretty features if can be controlled …

one thing would be intersting for me:
MIDIing itself is not the same like MIDIing from one DT to another?
shouldn‘t this be the same in this case?


Has anyone tried this with the new OS (1.08)?

In the Midi Channels config, I’m not sure how to assign the Midi Tracks (A to H).

I have tracks 1 - 8 set to Channel 1 (because A - H will be sending on ch1) but I’m not sure how A to H should be set. Maybe it’s simply not relevant what they’re set to?


sorry to ask this, maybe it has been covered (here or in any of the loopback threads)

I’ve read that sometimes the Digitakt freezes if you double-press stop.
does this still happen if you disable “RECIEVE TRANSPORT CONTROL”? (actually right now I can’t remember if the DT had a separate transport control option but I think so…?)


It does not have a separate clock and transport control anymore. But midi loopback seems to work mostly if you disable the receive clock/transport option.


get an OP-Z with built in Midi Echo!
the drums are as punchy as the DTs because it’s just a sample


Thanks. But the Op-z is not for me.