DT MIDI loopback discussion


At present, I don’t have any external gear to sequence with the DT so those midi tracks are kind of wasted.

Can someone run me through the whole running midi from DT back into itself trick? What exactly can you use the midi tracks for? Is it stable? Is it safe (I can across a thread where someone was advising against doing this unless you know what you are doing, and I couldn’t tell if he was actually saying it could damage the DT).



The main benefit is that you get additional LFOs to target CCs on the audio tracks.

It won’t to any damage, but the machine may crash or hang. There was a long running bug where pressing double-stop causes a hang, but this may be fixed already (someone posted that it doesn’t happen anymore a few days back).

If the double-stop bug isn’t fixed, you can resolve the hang by just unplugging the midi cable AFAIK.


Cheers man. I’ll have a go with it. It’s a shame not using those tracks!


I am also not convinced. In the beginning I was like: “Ok, I can teach myself not to press “Stop” twice, but sometimes is needed. Plus, it’s not a big problem to unplug and plug MIDI cable again” But last time I was doing it, the whole digitakt froze badly and crashed and I was for some seconds afraid of having broken my beloved digitakt. Since then I haven’t connected the MIDI cable anymore.
It’s a nice function, but if I am anyway, planning to connect other things into MIDI In, I am not going to be able to do it anymore, so, why should I learn something that I won’t use in my ideal future setup?
Anyway, I was mainly using it to have two different patterns of the single instruments in one pattern and muting/unmuting.


I was wondering if anyone has had joy with sending usb midi through digitakt instead? If thats better. Or EVEN better. Any plans to impliment an internal midi send in the DT itself, so everyone can access this powerfel effect with more stability?



It is better through usb
No glitches


I thought of pattern changing the digitakt by setting a pattern change trig in a midi channel
and then send out and send in midi with one midi cable, from digitakt oud to same digitakt in.

but how? Can’t find pattern change in Midi CC appendix in manual


you just P-lock the MIDI Program for that trig on the MIDI page on the Digitakt.

the PGM change numbers represent the 128 patterns in banks A-H


I selecgt track 9 (midi 1)
I press ‘SRC’
there the third from the left is called ‘PROG’
I play pattern 5
I p lock a ‘Prog 2’ on a trig in my sequencer of track 9 (midi track 1)

I have set Midi in and out form Program changes in by receiving them in midi config

no result


there is also a setting for which channel program changes are received on - usually set to the AUTO channel as default I think…

You need to be sending the PGM change message on that channel?.. otherwise that all sounds right so not too sure what’s going wrong…


tnx for the reply
I think ia am almost there

prog change in is ‘auto’
prog change out is ‘auto’
auto channel is 10

no result :frowning:


The AUTO channel depends on which track you’re currently on I think? So it’s not very reliable, what I usually do is select a dedicated channel for the Program Change Input Channel, and I set my MIDI track to send a Program Change change on this specific channel. Works like a charm :slight_smile:

Also check that your MIDI track isn’t muted!


and that it’s not set to “USB MIDI” only maybe?

probably not, but it sounds like you’re doing it right, so…


Got it!


thank you, both
what if there were no elektronauts


and by the way… this is just amazing!
so actually there is a chain mode / song mode in digitakt


You’re welcome! And yeah that’s a pretty cool workaround, I’m actually working on a short video tutorial on this matter as we speak! You can also use it with Trig Conditions
to make semi-generative stuff, it’s super fun



I think there is something I misunderstand in here,

I thought, turning on and off the midi track, gives me the opportunity to turn my pre-programmed program changes on and off.

But when I turn off the midi tracks
it keeps on program changing

till i select a certain pattern again (like if it is in pattern 2, I reselect pattern 2)
then it will keep in that pattern 2 and stop program switching.

What do I misunderstand?
Or what did I do wrong in my midi setup that I got this strange situation)


Now i am Reading back
I read about ghost behavior and MIDI feedback

So my idea was a nice idea, but technologicly not possible



it can definitely work… not sure if this is a ghost feedback issue or not…
Retrokits make this which in theory filters out some problem MIDI messages (like double stop)