Dreadbox Medusa


This synth seems to have stole the show so far…

I will be buying it without doubt.


loving the design, the feature set, the whole shebang. Only thing I’m not feeling so far is the sound…seems very ‘modern’ & not particularly Dreadbox-y ?

Only based on that one demo to be fair - it’s early days, far too soon to call.


Yeah I agree.


I get a real kick out of comparing the image from a year ago with the image of what it has become side-by-side.


Looks great except the envelopes section. Using a single set of sliders for multiple envelopes seems weird to me, especially when you want to modify them on the fly.


At least, there are 5 envelopes though. Imagine how much space (and extra cost) would be needed to include 25 sliders (5 x 5) for the envelopes instead of 5.


Im definitely getting this. ASAP.


My guess is there’s a button you press to cycle through the 5 envelopes, so the slider affects the selected envelope. I guess this would suck for peeps who like to move 2 or more sliders at the same time for 2 or more different envelopes, but seems like a reasonable compromise for everyone else who would want this thing.


I’m in. No Prophet 6 or Peak for me; I want this in my life instead. As soon as pricing has been set, I should be first in line for preorders with a vendor I like to use.


Damn, this is incredible !
I really want one for sure.
The combinaison of sequencer, dig oscs, the form factor , the sound, the pad etc i mean wow .


I dunno, the controller aspects of it look fun, but the sound doesn’t really have that wow factor for me given the price this thing will likely cost.


Yeah I agree but only heard two videos, one with lots of background noise so will give it a chance!




I definitely like what I hear from that Bonedo demo video. I really want to hear more FM though.


Check out the other demo - the “no talking” guy seems to emphasize the Dreadbox oscillators more.

Demo #1 guy is with Polyend, so of course he wants to feature Polyend’s wavetable oscs isntead :wink:


Bit disappointed that the grid doesn’t use multi-color LEDs.


I too appreciate multi-color lit pads, but it seems to be the #1 thing people like to complain about (i.e. Toraiz SP-16, TR-8S) because they don’t like rainbows or something.


Aesthetics aside, it’s really nice when they’re used to show you where notes are, and they also make a lot of sense to show you which steps have trigscand which ones don’t.

With x, y, and z axis sensitivity, this thing should theoretically be as expressive as a LinnStrument (maybe not as responsive), but the lack of colored LEDs make that you’re lacking all the feedback you’d want for playing more intricate parts.


Yeah, I agree. The Synthstrom Deluge makes clever usage of different color lit pads that really enhances the workflow. People with adverse feelings to “too many” colors when it comes to lit pads always make me scratch my head.


Doesn’t look like you can do note-to-note slides like you can on Linnstrument, but I could live with that.