Dreadbox Medusa

Eventually I’m gonna buy something from these guys.


Yeah they do some very cool things, in just an enough different way as to be very interesting. The Medusa has my attention too, i’d like to hear more of it. As i recall it’s got a good price too.

I like that “Thick” is a parameter.



Here’s a link to the Dreadbox page too: http://www.dreadbox-fx.com/medusa/

Not a bad price either (429€).


The abyss seems to be out as well ? That one is tempting :confused:

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I really like the 12db filter, morphing waveforms on the third osc, and the thick knob whatever it does! Much cheaper than abyss most likely cause it doesn’t have all the nice FX.

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Would be a great appendage to any Elektron sequencer that sends MIDI or CV out. Especially those that don’t already have ARPs (MD, DT).

I like the combo of sliders and knobs.


I’m loving all the added analog waveforms with morph on the third oscillator:

Medusa Osc 3 Waveforms

Wait a minute where have i seen that logo before? :elmm:


It’s back!

And look at what it is now – they totally transformed it with the Polyend sequencer part. (Think this colab will be a good thing for both companies.)

The matrix looks flat? Totally different approach to a synth with sequencer than the Elektron model. There is not enoough detail in the pictures to make out the Dreadbox part yet – though i imagine it carries over a lot of the good parts from the Medusa prototype in the pictures in this thread above. The interface on the synth part looks really different.

Parameter locks?? Regardless i expect it to sound really good like the earlier Medusa proto.

Dreadbox better get ready for manufacture, because i think there should be some good demand, if they get the price right.

ADDED: This is speculation – they have 8 rows on the sequencer so it could be longer than eight ‘beats’ or it could affect multiple parameters simultaneously. Looking forward to hearing more on this.


Woah that definitely looks interesting.

That looks potentially quite fun.

Wonder if it will have CV out’s like on the Polyend Seq? How about midi outputs also like the Seq?

Yep it looks nice …

ADDED : it looks like, and I am totally speculating, a monome type sequencer.
Oups I just realized that the link had this picture already, I got it from Facebook.


Whoa. GAS ignited.

Check out the Polyend SEQ


I assume it will have a lot of the same features as the SEQ in a smaller box. The SEQ has been on a possible-buy list for me, as has been the Medusa .
So the New Medusa might be possible-buy x 2 = ‘must-have’.

ADDED: I know that part of the focus and redesign on the Medusa for Dreadbox was to move to a more manufacturable system – llke with changing to surface mount parts. (Their previous stuff was all through hole parts and much more labor internsive.) So hopefully price follows.

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Wow! Not what I was expecting.
Dammit, I’ve had a GAS free few months.
This looks great and I’ve yet to hear a Dreadbox synth that hasn’t sounded amazing.

Wow that design is gorgeous. I wonder if there will be an option to play those pads play like a Linnstrument where each row is 4 semitones higher than the one below it.



When I first saw that thing it was like a dream come true. I posted a few mock ups of such a thing years back on the Ableton forum.
I’d love to have one someday.

Likely will be at Superbooth: 3-5 May.