Dreadbox Medusa


Oh yeah, that’s also missing. Even though it’s really cool to be able to do that occasionally, I don’t find myself using that often.


No - it’s the no-talking demo I didn’t really take to.


Fair enough.

When I was looking up the Abyss, I found a demo that managed to make it sound awful, compared to Gaz’s demo.


In the polyend demo he said the wavetables weren’t onboard yet


I missed that bit.

Seems like there’s no onboard FX. I wonder how much that has to do with “Dreadboxness”. I have to admit my love for the Abyss and Erebus sound has been influenced, at least in part, by the built-in delay in both units, and the Abyss’s phaser.


Really like the concept and design but those demos don’t sound great.
In its defence its just been boring old analog so far though, so the real test will be hearing those wavetables when they are implemented, and hearing a proper demo of its FM capabilities of both the osc and filter.
The jury is still out


That’s what I like about Dreadbox stuff - yeah, most of it is analog, but there’s something about how they do it that holds my interest more than Moog clones and the like.


Cheeky how they are running the synth through a Bigsky in the demos.
Let’s hear it dry. Cmon it shouldn’t need to be drenched in reverb :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Heh, got me to rewatch the Sonic State video.

I have to admit Bonedo’s demos are not particularly good, digital oscs or absence thereof aside.

The really bad Abyss demo though was some aging prog rocker running through all his keyboard licks.


instant buy here too, just looks so fun, beautiful, and useful.


This sounds marvellous and the UI is really well thought out on the right side. And aftertouch with grid is great! But I cannot figure out from the videos how you’d enter notes for the sequencer? I just saw how to jam and live-record notes for the grid.


You enter them step-by-step 101-style.


If this has the classic Dreadbox sound and the digital side is good enough I don’t think I’ll be able to resist.

Waiting for some proper demos.


It would be nice to be able to use the grid as a 8x8 modulation matrix like on the matrixbrute. Or just to assign env/LFO directly to 64 possible destinations. It would be much faster than scrolling on the small display to find the right destination.


Tried this at Superbooth and I found it to be very interesting :slight_smile: Love the combination of the Pads where you can assign any parameter changes of the analog synth.


Yeah… it’s almost like you can “lock” a “sound” to a “trig” :joy:


And then manually play those trigs!


No it’s different the pads are touch sensitive and have x and y axes


Haha yeah I was just having a laugh :smiley: but it’s a legitimately good idea, perhaps there could be some future “trig play” mode on elektron machines…?


I love dreadbox, and have been eyeballin the Medusa since the first pictures leaked, but did anyone else watch the poly end guy demo it, and thought it sounded reaaaally dull and lifeless? Demos are seldom of justice to the product, but still!