Dreadbox Medusa


I never pre-order anything but I want to pre-order this without having even heard it yet.


Must be VCOs rather than DCOs here as they are talking of FM between oscillators :thinking:
You would presume so going off their previous analog products


Yeah, VCO most likely. I remember an old video where the guy from Dreadbox says he’s been using the same core oscillator design for all his synths. The digital wavetables are totally new though. I hope they’re algorithmically generated, and I’d personally love it if they had a lo-fi quality.


The FM dial shows osc1 and 2, and filter.
Hoping the wavetable oscillators can be used as source and destinations for FM also


Yeah, same.




The hybrid/digital nature of this thing is very interesting. Could see Elektron exploring similar territory in future products.

Thing looks like a modulation machine. Quite impressive IMO.


X, Y, Z control via the grid is very cool!


Some microtuninng capability (11:43). For now, it’s tuning each voice manually with the fine tune knob, but Scala file support is under consideration.


Polyend site says: “Implemented MIDI protocol with bi-directional USB and DIN input, output and throug”
I was wondering about the MIDI, as it’d be great to sequence, say, an Abyss with it.

No pics of the back though to show all the I/O - perhaps they’re still working out what will go there.


Looks amazing :upside_down_face:


Need more audio demos!

I’m more of a digital guy - that polyend grid tied with a cool/quirky digital synth would be amazing. Sure I heard at the start that they will be releasing the grid separately.

Lovely looking piece of hardware though. The grid playing functionality is something I expect Ableton to add in a Push revision down the road.


definitely looks cool!


I was thinking of giving my Moog Mother Mutable Stages/Plaits twins but now I’m going to hold off…


This concept is awesome !!! So close to perfection. It just does not seem possible to map velocity/pitchbend/modulation wheel/AT to any destination to make it more expressive when using a keyboard. Or maybe it is possible to map those to the X,Y,Z axis ? That would be cool !

I was thinking going to the semi-modular road with a minibrute 2s. Now i have some doubts …


Actually, I was hoping Elektron would be first. All they’d really need to do is something like take the Analog Four, and replace its oscillator section with the Digitone’s. I’d definitely buy that.


and replace its filters with the dreabox’s :grin:


savage :joy:


but true :slight_smile: