Dreadbox Medusa


Check out that link; it says 999 euros. I’m hoping that’s with VAT figured in as well, and that they’ll end up being $999 or less in the US.


Seems like a pretty good price


I also want to know more about its sequencing capabilities. It’d be nice if it has the ability to sequence some external gear as well while sequencing its own synth. It’d also be really nice if it could be used as a polyphonic sequencer for external synths.


No audio yet?


I wish. I’m fiending over here, if you couldn’t tell. I want to be first in line for preorders.


This ticks a lot of boxes.
In fact ticks them all I think
Hybrids are so good


Yeah, this one is a true champ. I love how Dreadbox synths sound, and can’t wait to hear some digital oscillators with those buttery filters.

This thing is going to sound so good guaranteed. Polyend’s involvememt brings all of this to a totally new level.


Look at it. It just looks too damn sexy. I don’t even know if I can handle how sexy this thing is. I’ve never said that about a synth before.


I think it’s safe to say @Prints is in love again :heart_eyes:


Cant blame him. This thing is very unique.


I would love one of these cool patcheable Dreadbox units along with an MFB Tanzbar to pair up with Elektrons and 0-coast for a full bore symphony. I like the Erebus model.


If I am going to nitpick would have been nice to see a band pass filter.
Nice that they have both 2 and 4 pole lowpass though, and highpass


I actually have to give this more consideration because I was planning to get a Prophet 6 module or Peak already. As cool as this is, it might ultimately be a better idea for me to get one of these synths instead.


I dunno, I think you may want to hear the polyend Medusa first.
All that modulation.


I have a Peak, it is great but not perfect.
Pros are it has wavetables, analog multimode filters, fm of both osc’s and filter, incredible reverb, awesome arpeggiator, mod matrix, build quality.
Cons are the wavetables aren’t very advanced and not many of them, needs more modulation than a couple of lfos and envelopes

I agree the modulation on this thing is much better than the Peak, with the sequencer, 5 lfo’s and 5 envelopes, it also has analog oscillators on top of wavetables that Peak doesn’t


I’m going to wait for some Medusa demos first for sure. I was kind of leaning towards the Prophet 6 module (sequenced/modulated with my Digitone), but might put that on the back-burner if this thing sounds as good as I’m hoping.


Definitely what I would do.
This has the best of both analog and digital
The P6 is good but this has analog covered as well, and it is much cheaper


I was going to grab a P12 module, but will wait to hear more on this now


Consider the p-lock capable sequencer a modulation source as well.

I wonder if it will be capable of other Elektron-ish sequencing tricks like probability and micro timing.


Don’t know about that but it does have what I have been asking for in an Elektron sequencer since the beginning of time:
Pattern / sequence randomisation