Dreadbox Medusa


The recent OS updates to the MIDI functionality have me interested in the Medusa again.

It doesn’t sound quite like a Minimoog, Roland Jupiter, or whatever classic synth to me. The Model D clone, Studio Electronics stuff, Dreadbox’s own Abyss, etc. might be worth a look for that stuff.

I agree with the person who said on the Hypnosis thread that the Hypnosis would pair wonderfully w/ Medusa. The combination of analog BBD chorus/flanger and spring reverb would led a more vintage vibe to the sound, with the extra fun of the digital delay w/ freeze.

It’s funny how this forum is actually better for discussing Medusa than MW now. But MW has really regressed, I bet even GearSlutz is a better place to discuss synths than MW these days


I’ve heard things come out of it that remind me of the monomachine.


Mental ain’t it, guess you really can’t please everyone. I wouldn’t buy it to replicate an older synth but who needs another minimoog clone. This is like a linnstrument with a built in digital synth with a built in analog synth and an elektron sequencer for less than the price of the smallest linnstrument


it sounds mint. the new update sold me on it personally. what a machine.


I like it’s idea of hybrid and all and I think that sometimes youtube is not enough to have a fair opinion…


Sorry to drone on here – but this video from Polyend showing off the Medusa as a drone is really good.

Warning this is 25 minutes long – and the variations ( should drones repeat or not?) here are endless.

(Things are sweetened with a Strymon Big Sky on the output.)


Me saying about people beefing with the synth wasn’t directed at you, I was just saying cause it seems to be making people cautious to buy it. All sounds good to me so far. If you’re not sure get from somewhere with a decent refund policy. Something I’ve found in the uk is that if you buy online you can return it within a month but if you buy in store they won’t accept returns. Not sure why but it seems to be the case a lot


The Medusa is now up at the top of the wishlist along wth the OPZ and, maybe still, a Digitakt. I don’t need any of them but they all seem/are a lot of fun. Trying to decide between them is tough as all very different. Such a shame folk have been scared off the Medusa a little - not many videos out there at all. Hopefully it becomes a sleeper hit or a cult piece of hardware.


picking one up on Monday, possibly Saturday if I get a second. iv been hot and cold with this thing for too long now, recently purchased my A4 but need to get this thing especially with the latest FW, will see if I can post a few bits once received


It is a shame. I own one and found it a beautiful piece of gear.


Cenk likes the Medusa. Nice layout of gear here.


My concern was the MIDI implementation, but the latest update or two seems to have addressed my concern.

I certainly felt discouraged from talking about it on MW.


Damn I wish I hadn t come to this thread. What a beauty.

Now I will have to put this mantra on repeat all day:

“I don t need another synth or sequencer. I don t use the ones I already have to the fullest. “

Good thing it doesn t have internal stereo fx that can be modulated or i might already have spent my money.


€870 https://www.gear4music.nl/nl/Keyboards-and-Pianos/Polyend-Dreadbox-Medusa-Hybride-Synthesizer/22C9

Thomann has it for €896.

Ok i go back to repeating my mantra now.


Hello maybe some medusa owner could answe this.

as with the new update for the medusa with added midi functionality i want to pair it with my OP-Z and get rid of Faderfox UC4.

so what i want to do is the following.

  • OP-Z to Sequence medusa on 4 different midi channels

  • have one row of medusa pads trigger mute groups on OP-Z (Midi CC)

  • have one row of Medusa pads trigger tape track and one row trigger punch in effect track (seperate midi channels, note data)

  • Have one Medusa Pad send Midi CC 1 and 2 to a specific midi channel (MPE, XY input type).

Would this be possible? cause if it is i see the OP-Z and Medusa as a killer small set up combo where i sequence note data from OP-Z and have Midi CC set up on the Medusa Pas to trigger mute groups and other fun stuff.


Slipped off my radar, but just now noticed they added MIDI velocity, note sustain mode for drones, updated the randomization algo, etc.



It looks so much better like this


I don’t agree. Like the dark minimal look much more. The Medusa v2 dark body with colored knobs here looks even worse:


Nice – but what about all the people that bought the “teenage” version of this (it was almost me). Is there a V3 coming out ‘next week’?

That said, since V1 was on my radar this definitely is too.

Is there an exchange program like with the Ableton Push 1?

ADDED: This is only an update in firmware not a change of hardware as the MusicRadar article implies.


Agreed, that would look funny next to a digitone though. Like the synth equivalent of a bag of all-sorts