Dreadbox Medusa


I think it sounds fine! I’m more interested in what craziness can be coaxed out of it, not into boring old typical patches…
Love the ability to hold an envelope or lfo button and then twiddle a destination knob to assign it quickly, I first enjoyed that on the DSI Pro2, really speeds up creation…
Even a rudimentary fx section would have helped as it’s not particularly stand alone in that respect.
That sequencer/grid is nifty though, like the baby born from Nord Lead 4 impulse morphs and the Polyend Seq with a little Monomachine sfx-6 keys…
The fact you can make 64 note/chord sequence and then just play each step by hand is great, when the seq is stopped.
One to watch, just really needs a random lfo me thinks…
Updates aplenty for sure from the devs!


Here Doty starts digging into the sequencer, then promises yet another video on the sequencer.



Some info on the external sequencing:

"thank you for the message and the kind words!

Medusa is not a monophonic synthesizer, it’s a paraphonic synthesizer with two different paraphonic modes. Medusa’s Grid will be able to send out only limited MIDI information. The Medusa Grid sequencer is a 1 track 64 step unit and can sequence only one track at the same time. It will send out only one Sequence and notes only (also as a keyboard) at the same time, it won’t send out the CC or MPE functions.

We’ve limited the MIDI functionality of the Grid build into the Medusa Hybrid Paraphonic Synthesizer for a purpose. Later on current year we’ll introduce and release the Grid as a separate product, which will hold 64 independent sequencer tracks and will send out the MPE functions of the Grid keys and CC functions.

Hope that explains things a bit.



Polyend Sequencer

So is that a product announcement?

Sounds like it to me – except that “the Grid” is used here in two different senses so i’m a little confused – again.

ADDED: So this new product if that’s what this is, is kinda like the Polyend Seq just smaller and with X and Y control?


The quoted email does read like an unofficial new product announcement - the Grid-only spinoff of the Medusa that has been discussed/speculated about before. If so, we will probably never see MPE in the Medusa.

Every time I’ve looked at the Seq product page, I’ve failed to find any mention of XYZ sensitivity of the individual grid pads.

So the new MIDI-only Grid, if truly under development, will have to compete with Linnstrument, which is a proven MPE controller, has colored pads, etc… Fortunately for them, Linnstrument has only a 2-track sequencer, so their best chance to compete is to implement a kickass multitrack MIDI sequencer that also delivers the MPE and MIDI CC that peeps want.


First of all, at least a dozen other people have noted and subsequently commented on the rather distinct noise inherent in the oscillators, one of them being Doty himself, and I was certainly not the first one to speak up about it. And that’s just below Marc’s videos, never mind elsewhere online.

Secondly, Dreadbox themselves responded to these concerns, saying that they are aware of the noise, but that unfortunately nothing is to be done about it. But if you can’t hear it or otherwise don’t care, that’s just fine by me. You even made a joke, in a previous post, about how your ears may not be what they used to be. For me, however, this sideband anomaly (or whatever the cause) is a nonstarter.

And lastly, I really don’t appreciate you surmising that I am responding to my own posts, like some juvenile with nothing better to do. The posts I make online, in this community and the others that I participate in, are informed, helpful, and well-intended. And I am more than secure enough, with the one voice that I have, to weather whatever disagreements may come in response to the opinions or observations I put forth.



Hold up, man if you saw me say that you, John, responded to your own posts, put up the proof that I did say that and I’ll apologize.

What I meant by “John again?” was I saw a post on a forum other than Elektronauts that was similar to yours - I wasn’t sure if that was you or not. I post on multiple forums and it’s not a big deal to me if somebody says “was that so and so?” about me.

My comment about the negative comments about the sound were not directed at you, personally. There were clearly others that said they hated the sound. If it wasn’t clear before, let me just say that I respect their right to having opinions and I respect yours as well.


An easy enough misunderstanding… My apologies for misreading what you wrote.



Cheers to you too!


It always surprises me when people take personal offense to people’s personal opinions about noise that emits from small strange boxes
And yep medusa doesn’t sound great


In case anyone cares, I wasn’t offended by anybody’s opinions here.

I admit I’ve talked too much already on this thread - because I was actually interested in the Medusa until Polyend’s comment on the MIDI portion was published.


Ok I haven’t totally lost interest. Upcoming beta update which adds some multichannel MIDI stuff and MPE.

No it won’t “fix” the oscillators for those who think they’re too noisy or just don’t sound good - from what I can tell. I’m guessing the oscillator tones (except the wavetable stuff I guess) is pretty much set where they are - for better or worse.

Update history:

v1.1.0 beta (04.10.18)


  • Few minor MIDI bugs fixed.
  • Repaired scale generator.
  • Fixed menu display bugs.
  • The highest note on the Grid isn’t repeated anymore, just muted.
  • X, Y & Z targets are now modulated by the last pressed pad only!
  • The AMP as a X, Y & Z pad modulation target in the P1 and P2 modes is now functional (this is dependent from the AMP ENV Amount knob position).


  • Redesigned auto-calibration function - updated.
  • New MIDI menu (full bilateral MIDI input/output implementation - including transport, clock, CC communicates & MIDI channels).
  • The Grid MPE functionality is now enabled for controlling external gear.
  • MIDI channel per voice option. Control, play and sequence each of Medusa’s voices on a separate MIDI channel form 1 to 6 (fixed mode) with external MIDI gear (this works in P2 mode only).


  • Slightly adjusted filter functionality.


  • Improved parameter display in certain menus.
  • Fixed bug where the back button was dropping values to 0.
  • Better noise envelope in the polyphonic play modes.
  • Enhanced filter resonance envelope.


  • A developed method of assigning the ENV & LFO targets. Besides using the target knob, now hold the ENV or LFO button and nudge the synth parameter you want to target.
  • Connected with the above, now double-click the ENV or LFO button to toggle it on/off.
  • Revised digital oscillators waveforms.


Midi channel per voice has a whiff of Nord Drum 2 about it (tasty tasty), and MPE out (not that I care for it myself) definitely expands potential integration.
If this box had fx I’d buy it, but for now it’s just a nice idea if I won a tish load of cash.
Still, love my Seq and Poly so I’m a happy chappy, hope these Polyend/Dreadbox peeps do well x


Just noticed that Yannis (Dreadbox) started making his own Medusa videos. Not surprisingly, he’s tweaked it to sound more like a “classic” Dreadbox synth, despite the lack of built-in FX like echo as found on Erebus, Abyss, etc.

He does have some fun with the noisy side of it in this faux drum machine demo


The filter has a harsh ‘nasally’ quality to it
Not nice


The guy that was giving Doty such a hard time on the other forum was also in love with Nick Batt, but I have to admit when I listen to Nick and Gaz tweak the Abyss filter vs. Doty tweaking the Medusa’s I like the former quite a bit more. Yet, both synths are supposed to have the “classic” 24 dB Dreadbox filter. Maybe I was wrong about the difference just being in the FX - the Abyss having a nice arsenal and the Medusa having none.

It’s a good thing I’m not in a desperate rush to buy new gear. Medusa with MPE is like Linnstrument with a built-in synth, minus the colored pads, and a more sophisticated sequencer. OTOH I like the sound of the Abyss overall. OTOH again, Abyss is listed as no longer available at Musicians Friend and other online shops. And MODX is yet another pineapple to Abyss’s apple and Medusa’s orange - definitely the most versatile out of the 3 but it won’t satisfy my enduring GAS for an analog polysynth, even just a 4-voice one.

I can afford to wait this out and see what Dreadbox comes up with next.


Yeah in contrast MODX seems like one giant sweet spot.
Have yet to hear a bad demo.
Had my finger hovering over the ‘buy it now’ button on that bad boy for a few days now


So for comparison w/ Abyss’s filter this is where Nick and Gaz focus on it for a bit.

EDIT: Time jump should be fixed now


I’ll post something in a bit on that :wink:


Pretty sure you’ll be able to find some nasty spots in a few of the 88 FM algos as well :wink: