Dreadbox Medusa


i hav a nyx and its nice for lush reverb stuff.
hopefully my erebus diy will work if i finish it.


So, I just got word back from Marc Doty about the rather pronounced noise inherent in all the oscillators, both analog and digital… According to Dreadbox, that’s just how it is, and how it’s going to stay. Yeesh!

And with that, I’m out. Not acceptable. What a shame, I really wanted one of these.

Oh well, what can you do (shrug)?



I’m guessing Doty himself seems to like the oscillators, noise and all. Otherwise, no Knobcon 2018 appearance to demo this thing.

Either than or they’re paying him tons of money to do it, LOL

I’m still interested in this thing, but have to admit that the new Radikal Technologies Delta Cep A and the new Yamaha also sound great. Just have to decide what I want more - the expressive grid-controlled synth, the hybrid paraphonic module that sounds great with pads, or the conventional looking keyboard with FM-X engine


“Locrian makes me laugh”… :rofl:

He’s mystified by “S. Locrian” which is probably the Altered Dominant scale, aka “altered scale”, aka “Super Locrian”. Sounds exotic, but it’s typically used for soloing over the Hendrix chord (dominant 7th#9) when one is bored of just wanking a blues scale or minor pentatonic.


I think Marc is just a “glass half full” kinda guy. To be honest, I’ve never heard him say a bad thing about any synth, bless his optimistic heart (smirk).

For me though, this particular anomaly is a deal-breaker. Pth…



“S. Locrian - I don’t even know what that is… something in Japanese…”

Oh man I’m still laughing at that one.

Supposedly Nick Batt will get his next turn, umm, at bat!


If I reject this thing (for the time being, hehe) it’ll be because of my vacillation between wanting to play a synth like I play guitar or violin, and wanting to use the synth in a more “meta” manner - the most typical approach being a sequencer or arpeggiator.


Thomann say they have the Medusa available immediately:


Marc Doty posted this on another forum:

"The issue with oscillator one going out of tune when the filter cutoff was changed has been addressed in a firmware update. It was actually a thing that happened in the firmware update between 1.0 and the most recent one. "


That’s a relief at least. Not enough to counter the oscillator noise issue for me though.



The sound of this thing has been very disappointing.
Haven’t heard any sound emit from it yet even mildly pleasing.
Seems to have a rather harsh tonality, and not in a nice way


They had 10 in stock at Juno yesterday.
I didn’t buy one. Need to save money atm.


Unfortunately, he’s now caught up in a flame war with someone who behaves a lot like a former member here, thus delaying the information flow a bit. you’d think someone with his experience would have learned by now not to feed trolls.

Might head in a different direction, personally.


Yeah, agreed, I just don’t get it… it sounds awful!



From what I’ve seen/heard, what’s sorely missing is fx on this thing…
Ideal world I’m talking.


I’m wondering how much some of the negative comments about the sound are related to absence of onboard FX. I don’t hear the oscillator distortion or whatever that John and maybe one other person (also John?) on Youtube or another forum mentioned - not more than what I’ve heard from the Korg Monologue or Arturia Microbrute. Sounds pretty good with the Ventris to me.

Abyss for example sounds so good, but then I must factor in the built-in phaser, delay, etc.


Doty digs a bit deeper into the responsiveness of individual pads here - but it’s unclear if the sensitivity to each of the X, Y, and Z parameters can be adjusted.


By the looks of it you can set from -100 to 100 the sensitivity of the destinations, here is a shot from the manual…


The manual on page 16 for X Target
PitchBend says:

Lets you assign a modulation target to respond to either 1) MIDI pitch bend values from an external MIDI controller or 2) sideto-side movement of a pad. Can scale the amount from 100 to 100 (can only scale positive values for pitch bend).

I don’t really understand what the “can scale the amount from 100 to 100” means or what “can only scale positive values for pitch bend”.

Similar stuff for Y, and Z.

This sounds like the sensitivity can be adjusted – but i can’t tell for sure. Doty in the video says that he has it set to the max – which for me at that level would be unusable.