Dreadbox Medusa


LinnStrument is also likely to stay more expensive (you can get the Medusa for exactly the same amount of money as a LinnStrument 128).


Yeah, Linnstrument 128 would be the more direct competing product than the bigger model.


SonicStates Medusa review.
I was interested a bit in this but now that I’ve seen a more in-depth look I don’t think it’s for me.
One of the reasons is you could only record in step mode with the current firmware.
But it does have a sort of p-locks implemented into it which is cool. Around 15:00 is where he demos it.


That’s one of the risks of putting so much into one product to try to please a variety of potential users - users who want Elektron-ish sequencing, users who want an MPE-ish controller, users just checking out hybrid analog-wavetable synths, etc. If you try to please everybody, you might not please anybody, as the saying goes.

Abyss with the XYZ grid controller - no sequencer (or sequencer in a separate unit) would have been ideal for me.


Reactions to the Sonicstate Review
I had been losing interest, but with this demonstration some of my enthusiasm has returned.

The one sort-of-ambient patch that Nick does at around 9 minutes is very interesting and shows one possibility from a wide range of options from within this box. It’s clearly one of those synths that would take some time to get inside (as Nick says) but is also capable of many real surprises too.

Bit of a dilemma for the makers, to be shipping a product a long ways down it’s development path, and yet somehow not fully complete. You risk killing sales in the long term, while picking up the early adopters and some cash-flow. And i can’t believe the relationship is easy to navigate between the two companies. The two can’t help but have a very different perspective on the final product, especially two companies as different as Dreadbox and Polyend. (I also think this experience will also strengthen both companies as well.)

This divergence offers real opportunity to the sort of unconventional player who is willing to invest their time and experiment with the Medusa. It’s one of a kind.


There’s one new owner on MW who seems happy with his Medusa.

I can’t get past how I prefer the pads and other textures Nick (and Gaz) did with the Abyss vs. the Medusa. There’s more of that hard to describe “Wow” factor for me in the Abyss.


Well I’m getting a lot of ‘wow’ factor from the Medusa
Like ‘wow I can’t believe how shit that sounds’


It doesn’t sound as shit to me but I feel like something better - for me - is coming from Dreadbox - Abyss v2 or something.

That attempt to make acid house with Minitaur - now that’s what I call a shit sound. I never thought I’d hear a worse synth sound than the D-50 stuff (can’t identify one particular patch - too many of them sound terrible to me) or the DX7 Doogie Howser EP… until I heard “Minitaur acid house”.

It’s subjective I guess. I’m sure some of my most beloved synth tones are the worst crap ever to someone else.


On paper and in theory this seemed like a great product.
A shame that in reality it isn’t so


Considering I’m gas free right now (you know that delicate precipice) as much as I REALLY love my Seq, the Medusa (my favourite mythical/non-mythical creature) is at best right now looking like a drunken second hand purchase.
Anything with 5xlfo/envs is worth a gander drum wise but it just seems like a first step on the ladder that could lead to the stars, I want to like it more than I admittedly like it.
It feels like a rehearsal for a stunt, where in the final shot you can still see the tracks of the takes before…
As in, watch this space. Next time it will be just right.


I feel like they’re already making v2 based around some of the criticism. I’m disappointed you can’t sequence each oscillator individually which probably means only one midi channel out instead of 5(mirroring each oscillator). Even the matrix looks oversized somehow and tacked on with loose integration to the synth itself.

All that said it’s still nice to see companies getting together and making a unique product. Hopefully it sells enough that they can revise it with a v2 and possibly make it more affordable.


It’ll probably sound a lot better through an Erica Fusion Box, Meris Mercury 7, any of the Chase Bliss pedals; or some combo thereof.

I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of the Polyend-Dreadbox alliance.


Oh man anyone read Polyend’s responses to comments in the sonic lab Medusa Youtube video.
Hilarious. Bizarre. Not helping their cause one bit


They said it was directed at one guy but still not a good look for Polyend. Not sure why they’d use their official account to trash talk either but I guess that’s how they roll.


Took a look. Couldn’t find Polyend’s comments, gave up after like 30 seconds.

There was a guy who was repeatedly criticizing Marc Doty’s Medusa videos. Doty made the mistake of engaging him. Some peeps just aint right in the head.


Totally unprofessional for Polyend to react in the manner they did.
Business PR skills 101


Speaking of unprofessional, I recently Paul (Synthesis Technology) posting on a Moog One thread elsewhere - I can see now why some think he’s not a nice guy to say the least. But he was quickly outdone by the Metasonix guy and his NSFW imagery.

Some MW peeps make fun of this forum as just a bunch of Elektron fanboys. But man, MW has declined fast…


I think the guy who went after Doty must have dated someone at Polyend - can’t think of any other explanation for his obsessive behavior.

I kept talking about this synth because I was interested in it but that’s it.


Just read some of their YouTube comments. Disappointing


Hah yeah Paul is a piece of work alright.
I had to deal with him personally when I preordered his E352 wavetable module direct from his site a while back.
Some of these people need to realise customer relations is a completely different skill set to working in a lab making nerdy toys.