Dreadbox Erebus


Someone just posted a short video of his generative patch using CV from the A4 with the Moog DFAM – the DFAM another amazing synth “crippled” by a complete lack of midi. [Quotes here 'cuz it’s not.]

CV can work as well or better than midi. It’s that patch bay that is a launching point for the V3.

Definitely a decent trade-off in my mind.

ADDED: I’m also looking forward to getting something like an Expert Sleepers FH-2 for my DFAM, and Neutron, and more than likely the V3.


does anyone know if the erebus can midi to cv? For properly connect it to a modular? also if it can transport midi clock to it´s clock output?


Cool! I just saw too that a firmware update was just released too.


Oh hell, why did I watch that Sonic state video? The V3 seems like a lot of synth for the price, and sounds wonderful.


The desktop analogue semi-modular market at roughly £400 - £500 is getting quite competitive these days but watching that Sonicstate video and the Erebus makes a really strong case for itself. It sounds absolutely gorgeous… not that I’m in the market for something like this. But if I was…


I agree - the v3 looks insane for the price. Damn.


extremely cool synth.


Sorry about that cold_fashioned – I have now added a GAS warning to the video post above.


better late than never.
I was too fast


Between SonicState’s vid and the Andertons’ my GAS is being ignited. All I have to do now is get a job. :wink:

Could be a lot of fun combined with a prebuilt MIDIGal running the dispatcher software, which can be used to combine multiple monosynths and polysynths into one “polysynth”. Heard about it from a guy who uses two Abyss units as his 8-voice polysynth. This duophonic bad boy plus Volca FM and Volca Keys could be fun.


Just received a v3 and so far it’s quite the amazing synth. Really flexible with all the patch points.

The drones you can get out of this thing are massive. Stacking all three oscillators with pulse width mod on 1 and 3 with that supersaw wave. Oooph. You can run the clock into audio rate too and get a 4th square oscillator although not trackable. One of the envelopes is loopable and you can use it as another lfo.

I’m just pretty amazed at how well this thing is designed and how much they jammed into it. Need to really put it through the paces but thumbs up so far.


I believe it does output cv and gate from midi input. Haven’t tested this extensively. It doesn’t translate midi clock to the clock rate or lfo unfortunately but it does except mod input. Need to experiment more with that.


Dreadbox erebus v2: acid bass line
Dreadbox erebus v3: Lead acid line
kick: tr-8
Kick subbass: Volca kick
drums: tr8 and tr 09
reverb: eventide space
OB-6: background chord
Tanzbar 2: voice sample

tascam model 24 mixer and recording


hardware used

Dreadbox erebus v3: stab
Dreadbox erebus v2: acid bass line
James lauer on the drums
kick: tr-8
drums: tr8 and tr 09
reverb: eventide space
OB-6: background keysrophet 6 : background chord
Tanzbar 2: voice sample

tascam model 24 mixer and recording