Dreadbox Erebus


Someone just posted a short video of his generative patch using CV from the A4 with the Moog DFAM – the DFAM another amazing synth “crippled” by a complete lack of midi. [Quotes here 'cuz it’s not.]

CV can work as well or better than midi. It’s that patch bay that is a launching point for the V3.

Definitely a decent trade-off in my mind.

ADDED: I’m also looking forward to getting something like an Expert Sleepers FH-2 for my DFAM, and Neutron, and more than likely the V3.


does anyone know if the erebus can midi to cv? For properly connect it to a modular? also if it can transport midi clock to it´s clock output?


Cool! I just saw too that a firmware update was just released too.


Oh hell, why did I watch that Sonic state video? The V3 seems like a lot of synth for the price, and sounds wonderful.


The desktop analogue semi-modular market at roughly £400 - £500 is getting quite competitive these days but watching that Sonicstate video and the Erebus makes a really strong case for itself. It sounds absolutely gorgeous… not that I’m in the market for something like this. But if I was…


I agree - the v3 looks insane for the price. Damn.


extremely cool synth.


Sorry about that cold_fashioned – I have now added a GAS warning to the video post above.


better late than never.
I was too fast


Between SonicState’s vid and the Andertons’ my GAS is being ignited. All I have to do now is get a job. :wink:

Could be a lot of fun combined with a prebuilt MIDIGal running the dispatcher software, which can be used to combine multiple monosynths and polysynths into one “polysynth”. Heard about it from a guy who uses two Abyss units as his 8-voice polysynth. This duophonic bad boy plus Volca FM and Volca Keys could be fun.