Dreadbox Erebus


Just picked up one of these. So great. More than any synth I’ve ever owned, sounds the way I want it too: kind of juicy, alive, a little unstable. The built-in delay is a big plus for me too, as I try to keep my setup down to a minimum. The patchpoints make it easy to get some subtle evolving sounds going quickly.

If you like Boards of Canada-y sounds, definitely worth checking this out. Anyone here have one?

Decent overview:


On my list for sure, love the bit in there where Nick gets a call from his close neighbors complaining about the bass. Sold. :astonished:


Yeah I’m really after one of these I just love how it sounds.


Yeah! I’ve got one. reeaaally liking it, and even though it’s not the most versatile synth in the world (the A4, for instance, has a lot more options), the immediacy is just great and it’s actually got a really wide sweet spot - and the patchbay actually gives a lot more options than I thought.

Here’s a demo I recorded for some purpose earlier. Drums OT.


I picked one up earlier this year too. Haven’t done tons of trippy delayed or eerie John Carpenter business yet.

But I did use it in this track just for the main simplistic staccato baseline.
There’s a bit of it as the drone sound in the background in the ‘remix’.

Some other fun synths in there too (A4, Streichfett & touch of SEM).


thinking of getting one of these or the newer Hades bass synth… as i find lack of patch memory to be more suited to a dedicated bass synth because its so easy to dial a new sound quickly in a live situation

might do both, who knows… i know i want to fill out the 2 CV tracks on my AK tho



Sounds amazing, that triple ring stuff opens up a whole world of weirdness. Guy seems like a total sweetheart as well.


Very cool company.



This box sounds great I just really wish it was rackable. The current trend of desktop only form factor is unfortunate.


The Lil’ Erebus kit is rackable. You miss a lot of the extra features but the original tone of the erebus is there.



rackable or eurorackable?


Eurorackable… i have a builded unused to sell/trade…


Standard 19" rack format is what I want. Ideally, the form factor is such that it satisfies both desktop and 19" rack.

At the same time, maybe it would be good if some companies got together and standardized on 1/2 rack and 1/3rd rack format. The previous Erebus looked as if could have been designed to fit 1/2 rack width and say 3RU height for example.



I´d buy an Erebus v3 if the midi implementation was offering more than note triggering and pitch. Imagine how nice it would be to sequence it with the digitakt! But I guess that the concept is more “analog” with the cv patch points. Too bad I am not looking for an expansion for my modular system but a little synth to hook up with the Digitakt.



So it has added a patch bay, an extra oscillator, an extra envelope, improvements on the variable filter, improvements to the echo, and the same sound – All for the same price. Great bargain or what?



Pretty much why I sold my Manther. Lack of a decent MIDI implementation. However this thing sounds really good and that patch bay looks mighty nice as well. Kind of a decent trade off.