Bad day for Bryn…

Cone of shame for the next two weeks.



She found out that we posted her pic in a synth forum. She’s pissed off.


Sometimes it really does seem like they smile. She loves the morning sun :slight_smile:

And the sunset.


An oldie but a goodie of my two from doggy daycare.




My housemate Toast :slight_smile:


I feel bad, here he is looking pretty heheh


Sad to report we had to say goodbye to little Patch yesterday, she developed a very severe sneeze about a week ago, we took her to the vet and she was put under general anaesthetic for diagnosis, the possible cause being that she had something stuck up her nose, this proved not to be the case and the theory was rhinitis, she was give anti-biotics and a nsaid.

However once home she was extremely drowsy and lethargic, for the first 24 hours we expected this due to her age and recovering from being under anaesthetic, the next day her back legs were not being used much, and she would not eat at all, my wife was hand feeding her but Patch wasn’t eating much of it, over the next few days her spark came back but she was losing strength and body weight due to not eating enough, but she was not looking ready to give up, no matter what when my wife returned from work she’d be greeted by Patch, although we could tell that she was struggling to control her back legs, the sneezing had almost completely stopped so it looked like she was recovering, she has always been a very tough little dog (Patch the lion-heart) and also very stubborn, but the lack of appetite and back leg weakness was concerning us.

So we took her back to the vet and were faced with the choice of euthanasia or trying to get her eating, we opted for the latter as she was not distressed or in any apparent pain, and her mood had returned to normal aside from being a bit more sleepy than usual. She was given an anti nausea shot and tablet to stimulate her appetite as the vet thought that possibly the after effects of the anaesthetic could be the reason for the lack of appetite and this was causing muscle weakness.

Unfortunately once we got her home she deteriorated and went very drowsy and started moaning, we thought that perhaps the anti nausea shot had disagreed with her, so after about an hour we returned to the vet and decided that we did not want to cause her any further distress and took the decision to have her put to sleep :cry:

The thing that is really strange to both my wife and I is how she went from apparently perfectly healthy to having a sneeze to no appetite and weakness, we suspect that she may have had a stroke or some other underlying illness, needless to say we are very sad that she is gone but relieved that she did not suffer.

RIP little wolf :cry:


Really feel for you hey. Its devastating when you loose a friend. Gods speed Patch…


So sorry to hear that @darenager - she looked like such a sweet little thing. Hope you guys are doing ok.


So sorry to hear it @darenager.


Sorry to hear that my friend.


Sorry to hear about little Patch mate, off chasing rabbits in the sky. Hope your other mutt handles it ok.


ahh losing the pooches is the worst. They are the only creatures in our lives always happy to see us. Sorry for your loss, just remeber it is only the all the love shared that makes the pain hurt so much.


This is my second post
I posted in the cat thread, and thought it appropriate to post here how inspiring it is to see musicians and their relationships with dogs/cats/pets animals in general.
In a world that gets worse every day, it gives me heart to see all the love for pets here.


That’s rough man. Hard to know what to say without sounding like a canned response but genuinely, Hope you’re alright.


I’m very sorry for both your loss my man. There’s maybe nothing that can be said that can alleviate your pain, apart from you gave her the best life she could have had.
You did the right thing.
So sorry for your loss.


I have gone through this once before and decided not to have a dog again for how badly I reacted to his end. For many years I could not even look at pictures and even caring for my father during his final hours seemed “easier”. In October last year we then made the stupid move for a new dog, which has changed everything, again. My thoughts are with you - with best wishes from Rostock, Germany. Olaf


Have heard many folks have that reaction, can’t/won’t go through that again. But the simple solution, after whatever period feels right, find a new canine buddy to bring back the smiles. Almost everywhere there are many a dog in search of a good home. I never plan on being without them around. It doesn’t remove the loss, but their presences does make it more bearable. After almost 20 straight years with at least one dog around, we lost 2 older girls within a year. My wife could bear the thought of getting another. We when about 6 months with no slobbering nuttiness in our life. For me it was about 5 months too long. Immediately felt better with our new nutter around.

Big mojos for the pain of the loss. Big props for all the love shared.


We got a new puppy recently. She likes me i think