another one of Lola the Crazed Chihuahua Mutt


My girl. Her name’s Alibi, she’s 6 and she’s my baby


I’m sorry for your loss Kegeratorz :two_hearts:


A couple more… when she was a puppy… (she weighed 1 pound when I got her) & playing at the river (we live on a river).


I wish I could have a dog but don’t have the time to take care of with 40h+ a week working


Look at my profile picture.
That’s my dogs that is.


This is Pandora. She can shoot gamma radiation out of her eyes.
She is a good watch dog.


I joke sometimes that with any luck I’ll die before my dog does, since I don’t know if I can go through that again.


interesting ! cat people take better pictures than dog people :rofl::joy::sunglasses:


Don’t get me started :slight_smile:


This is Gioco. He’s 5 now, had him since he was 2.


What’s the name of that super slim keyboard, if you don’t mind?

Nevermind, found it


This Is Jade. She loves hiking, but hates the car. She is likely Doberman/Aussie Shepard, but is officially Lab/Aussie to avoid dangerous breed restrictions. She wouldn’t know how to hurt a fly, unless it was just overexcited playing.



She’s about 11, got her from a rescue shelter 9 years ago. She’s completely nuts, obviously pretty badly treated by previous owners (she’s scared of everything from cupboards to road junctions) and every vet that’s ever met her has said she’s got special needs. Loves people but hates other dogs to the point that she has to go out in full Bane costume. She only has room in her life for her little brother, Bryn (see below) who she dominates and bullies mercilessly.

Her time’s getting near, she’s riddled with arthritis in her back legs and she’s got a tumor on her hip which we can’t operate on, but it’s been there a while and hasn’t killed her yet…


We’ve had Bryn six years (also rescued at 2ish). Bryn was a human in a previous life and he’s pretty pissed off about his current lot.

He is the most relaxed dog I’ve ever met, no dog sleeps more than Bryn. The side effect of this is that he’s essentially a coward.

Proper nanny dogs


The losses are brutal, sorry for yours. We were the opposite after our last gal had to move on beyond. I was ready and the lady needed more time prior to jumping back in. New ones help, not to forget, but distraction and new love and bonding great. You have to do when it feels right.


This thread is superior to 99.5% of this forum. Thanks for vital pooch content :slight_smile:


Also the name of my favourite shop in Amsterdam.



Thanks to you and @Sharris, hardest decision I’ve ever made. He was the most grounded being I’ve encountered, all he wanted and gave was love, a great dude.

Between these pics and the wife constantly showing me rescue dogs, it won’t be long though.


This is my pup here, her name is Willow! Had her since she was a puppy. She’s a dachshund / chihuahua mix. Best dog ever.


This has dropped down way too far for my taste :slight_smile: