There’s a cat thread, show off yer dog

he’s just turned 1


This here is Litku, she’s a 1,5 year old Xoloitzcuintli (mexican hairless dog).


Aha, good idea, dogs rule! Here is Merlin, a 2 years old cocker spaniel :

Love him so much<3


Rocket & Comet (My 10-year old Italian Greyhounds)


This is my dog Enzo… & Jon Bon :smile:

Great thread. bout time :wink:


Ok here we go… Got my cats up now the Dogs. Pixar is 6 now(black and white one) and A.T.L.A.S.(we just call her Attie) is 5. Take them everywhere we can. Great dogs!


Adopted him (the bigger one) 4.5 years ago, he is about 5.5 now, funny and super friendly to people and other dogs. The little one is about 13, she rules over him :rofl:


His name is Ronnie. We got him from Rescue 3 years ago. They reckon he was about a year old at the time. The ladies at the rescue centre named him that because two Staffs were found abandoned separately on the same day and instantly bonded and caused mischief so they called them Ronnie and Reggie, after infamous London gangsters The Kray Twins.
When we had his chip reprogrammed we found out his given name was Kaiser! I have a theory that some moron had him as a status dog and when they realised that he was softer than a loose stool, they abandoned him.
But he’'s in the right place now and leads a charmed life. I think of him as our own little oxytocin factory!

My two favourite boys!

What an idiot!!8


this is Jessie (border collie x kelpie), adopted from animal shelter when she was 2 years old … she is now 12 but still a puppy at heart even though her body is old and tired



My dog Marty, he’s a bugg


This is Karl, a miniature pinscher.


BEST thread on Elektronauts!


Lola, the crazy Chihuahua mutt , and Maggie The Boston Terrier.


haha love it. the first li’l one reminds me of this li’l fella. bit o Dublin speak in this meme, dunno how well it translates :smile:


My best bud


An admittedly lousy photo but these two are difficult to capture together in a photo.

Our other little boy has the best smile ever.


She is just 21 weeks


R i o


My crew. I have too many mutz