Does MIDI thru only works on channels assigned to tracks?

My setup is USB keyboard > DAW > Octatrack >(MIDI OUT) A4 >(MIDI THRU) Model D.

I like to be able to sequence by a PC arpeggiator plugin (if only Elektron arpeggiators had beat sync…) and sequence stuff with the Octatrack as well. It also gives flexibility for recording long MIDI parts.

MIDI thru works fine usually but then I noticed it was only sending MIDI thru on certain channels. It looks like the channel needs to be set up as one of the 8 MIDI channels in the MIDI sequencer (it doesn’t matter if that channel is selected, just needs one set to that channel to pass the MIDI thru).

Is there any way to bypass/workaround that behaviour or do I need to have a separate MIDI track on the Octatrack set to each channel I want to have sent to the Octa MIDI OUT?

Check the manual… Auto channel sends to currently selected track on it’s assigned MIDI channel and each assigned track passes the MIDI data through on that track’s MIDI channel.


I had a similar question recently …


I have a trick for that.
Octatrack Tips & Tricks (OT Tips)

Midi thru is confusing. It can be confounded with the MIDI THRU output.
I’d use midi soft thru , or midi in through midi out…
Something better?



You can use a midi merger, OT MIDI OUT + DAW MIDI OUT > MERGER > A4 MIDI IN.


Thanks all for clarifying that. I’m using MIDI out (soft thru), I think I might need to go for a MIDI merger at some stage but I’ll see how I get on with assigning the available tracks.

Now I just need to figure out how the cc’s work and then I should hopefully have at least the basics sorted and be able to start making some music :slight_smile:

I missed the bit about the ARP sync trick. Will definitely try that out!!

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