Does anyone else get headaches/dizziness from the Digitakt's lights?

maybe you could pop the button caps off and paint the backside with a black paint to dull the brightness getting through?


i wear some blue light cancelling glasses when using DT


It’s never really bothered me. I actually wish the OT mk2 led colors matched the digitakt led colors. I like the white flashing and red playhead. It can be a bit bright in the dark, so adjustable brightness would be nice for nighttimes vs daytime play

Problem solved with an old X-ray image. It’s far better at night as at day

Tip: Cut the small piece lightly longer than the hole and bend it a bit so it’ll be standed with its curve.
Take the lighter parts of the x-ray, darker filtering to much


this doesn’t affect the response of the buttons?

Not at all

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Cool, I’m gonna have to try this. Thanks a bunch for the tip.

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Exterior of the curve facing you

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Brother the Digitakt if for the cool people you need to get some nice sunglasses :wink:

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One of my first thoughts when using the Digitakt was “Don’t these intensely bright stroboscopic lights pose a problem for anyone with epilepsy?”

Without wanting to sound alarmist, if the blinking lights are having a marked effect on you, it might be time to visit your doctor.

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It seems to come and go with stress.

When I’m having a busy week at work, the Digitakt ruins me. Lately it’s been fine though.

Might just get it checked out to be safe.

Yeah probably no need to worry - in fact it may just be good ol’ eye strain. That certainly makes my head pound with all kinds of flavours of pain—and I definitely become more sensitive to contrast and bright lights when it happens.

My DT arrived yesterday and I started playing with it last night for the first time.

I’ve tried searching the forum and don’t see an obvious thread with answers for this…

The LEDs are way too bright for me. I am super light-sensitive and very prone to migraines so I really have to be careful about flashing lights. (Ideally I’d like to turn off the metronome light altogether because it’s just one extra flashing light that I don’t need.)

I recently found a thread (can’t find it now) that shows someone removing the key caps and inserting some sort of film/lighting filter paper inside the keys to reduce the brightness. Until firmware allows dimming the LEDs, I really need help finding details about that, or other solutions.

Any help with strategy to dim the lights for now, and/or explanation of how to safely remove the key caps would be greatly appreciated.


I made a topic about this a while back!

You’re not alone.

I’m also very sensitive to light and the DT can trigger headaches and dizziness.

I’ve avoided this by using my photography lighting to drown out the brightness with white light or wearing sunglasses indoors. :cool:

Not ideal, obviously.

I think Elektron should put in an option to tone it down a bit - It has given me some horrific panic attacks. The thing is, the beats I can create are worth it. :laughing:

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That’s what I was looking for!


Any idea about how they got the keys off?

I think the person said it was easy to pop them off with like a credit card or something similar.

Or a guitar pick. It’s really easy to remove and put back.

where i am finding the brightness of the lights and screen has a negative effect is when switching between different pieces of hardware in lower light. it take time for the eyes to adjust, and I’m assuming this would be a hindrance in a live setting but I haven’t taken my digi out live yet.

I haven’t had time to try cutting lighting gels for the buttons but am planning too. Also @phaelam good idea about using the gel to dim the screen and function as a screen protector.

I “fixed” mine yesterday with clear blue plastic from an office binder. It’s not ideal or perfect, and I’d rather not have to do it.

But the led brightness is mostly resolved for me now, with one exception: the extra bright flashes that the keys occasionally make is still unbearable

I think this is a critical health concern. It could cause seizures.

We need a brightness control

We also need a control to set how much brighter the more intense flashes are, or an option to disable the flashes altogether.

It may help if the flashes and color changes could be reduced. A bright red key flashing to brighter white is worse than a red key glowing a tad bit more red.

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