Does anyone else get headaches/dizziness from the Digitakt's lights?

Whenever I use the Digitakt for more than 15 minutes or so I begin to feel really panicky, dizzy and faint.

Does anyone else get this?

Maybe it’s because of the brightness? Either way, it means I have to limit my Digitakt usage which is slightly annoying. :sad:

I’m guessing there is no way to dim the light at all? I read the manual and searched the forums but I couldn’t find anything.

Please tell me I’m not alone here?


I don’t have an issue with this, but if it’s a brightness thing you could always get some neutral density plastic to put over the screen. Most photography shops will have it. Are you using the Digitakt in a dark room by any chance?

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You’re not alone. It has gotten better over time, but this happens to me too. If I put the digi in a mute mode it helps. The flashing of the trigs is what really starts to bother me.

It’s more the lights on the trigs than the screen.

I never use it in the dark. Lately I’ve been using some soft box lights to try and drown out the brightness and that seems to help slightly.

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The brightness on the digi kills my eyes and causes headaches or worsens headaches for me. With bugs and everything, the brightness is the only thing that really bothers me and will actually prevent me from sitting in front of the device to write music.

Luckily, I have not had this issue!

I might invest in some sunglasses and see if this helps.


I wonder if it’s the refresh rate on the display, some people are more sensitive to the stroboscopic effects whereas other don’t perceive it quite as much. If so, sun glasses are not likely to help.

This might trigger some naughty comments, but I like to use my DT in bed. However, when the sequencer‘s running my wife freaks out. I think we need night mode on the DT and the MK2s.


The leds on the buttons bother me more than the actual screen. Probably cause I still have my plastic on it so there is a little diffusion.
This is the first piece of hardware I’ve owned that my complaint was too bright.

I wonder, does anyone know if all the mk2 are just as bright as well?

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Yes in particulary with the Stop button.

The TR-8’s step buttons are ridiculously bright by default. Fortunately there is a setting that dims them a bit.

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I never really thought about it, but the overall lightning show paralyzes very quickly :eyeglasses: :cyclone:

so same here, heading for dim function!

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I do get a bit disoriented when using it in a dimly lit room after using it and then then walking away. During use it’s pretty tiring. I hope they implement a brightness function with a slider to adjust brightness of the button lights.

Shining a light (like a mixing desk light) on the unit does help indeed.


Wow, at first, I thought this post was just a joke. I had no idea this could happen. I’m glad the blinking lights don’t cause me any issues. I’m probably in the boat of people who love all the different colors blinking and shining at me. #blinkenlights

I don’t think it’s the blinking lights so much as the brightness of the unit is quite high.


oh, I see. I’ve primarily used my DT in a fully lit room, so I guess the effect is minimized a little. I can see how the brightness would be harsh after a while. I hope you guys find a solution. Taping over the buttons with a film sounds like a good first step. Good luck!

The bright flashing trigs when playing could probably trigger episodes of epilepsy. So dizziness, headaches, disorientation etc isn’t far fetched

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set less trigs, less frequently… slow it down, space it out.

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Prescription: 1 or 2 hours with the Digitakt at one time, no more than 8 times per day. Carefully increase dosage until the patient experiences side effects.

Side effects may include: sore neck, headaches, dizziness, foot tapping, sick jams and perma-grin.