Do you have a synth that makes you sad?

I don’t mean disappointed that it doesn’t do what you tell it or that you find it unattractive something, but something other…

I bought and sold a few synths before settling on a Cobalt 8 (keys) when it first came out and bought a slew of synths since which I find more interesting, but that is the one I have spent the most time with, probably a few hours a day since buying it until… well around December, I just stopped touching the thing and when I see it sitting there on the desk I get this pang of shame and sadness. Not sure what happened, could be that I started cooking my mind on cannabis concentrates almost every night around then (which I stopped a few weeks ago as I finally realized it was throwing my mornings off kilter) but still I can’t bring myself to touch the thing. I have gotten back to touching my other synths but that poor Cobalt 8 sits there lonely on the desk like some bastard step child. I don’t have a clue what broke inside my head that brought me to such a place, but I would like to understand; and wonder if anyone else has a similar melancholia related to a particular synth and if so, have you come to make peace with it?




Maybe. There are always these instruments that you wanted so much. Then you acquire them, and find out that they don’t really live up to your expectations - or rather that maybe you yourself can’t deliver anything worthwhile on that specific instrument.

I think the best remedy is to either sell the instrument, or remove it from sight for a while. If your belongings don’t bring you positive energy, you should get rid of them.


You’re giving this instrument a lot of personality.
Consider that you are projecting.
How are you not taking care of yourself?

Did you quit weed cold turkey? Maybe you need to find a happy middle ground. I only bring it up cuz you mentioned it.

I think you mention all the puzzle pieces here.
What are you holding yourself back from accepting?


Yea, I can understand that but in this case I like the keybed so much I wouldn’t consider selling it, despite not being so enamored with a bunch of things about it. It’s more like it’s sitting there looking at me like some mirror of my own disappointment in myself, or something. Maybe it’s haunted.

I quit the concentrates cold turkey but have a hit here and there when I walk my dog in the evening. I don’t know how people can handle high dose THC and I really should of figured that out sooner as I just felt out of sorts most days and with that said I was never using before 8pm. But yes, I think you are right… I put all the puzzle pieces out there, sometimes when you write something down or tell a person, that’s when you finally figure what fits together.


Totally, you are definitely on to something here. Don’t forget that people are amazing at lying to themselves, and the lie often covers what’s right in front of us. Discard whatever picture you are trying to fit these puzzle pieces into and you might find where they fit.


Very sage advice. Thank you!


Sorry misread your post. A synth that makes me sad is my Octave Cat that i left behind from a previous marriage. I put it in a shed and left it to rot. The sad bit is i could have got £1500 for it a few years back.


That does sounds sad, but your name also makes me sad, as it reminds me of an ex-girlfriend named Sabina :expressionless: although I very much do not miss her ha ha.

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Back in 2020 my wife and I separated for a year to work on ourselves because we weren’t doing well as a couple (we’re doing great now) , but when I first moved out to a small apartment, i purchased a Polyend Tracker among other things in a fit of retail therapy. I remember making some sad little pattern in my room on the floor alone looking out the window and feeling so broken and having this new device felt utterly empty and music felt pointless. I’ll always associate the Tracker with that moment. I came to my senses and sold it a few months later.


The only scale i know on a keyboard is C Minor , so every synth makes me feel sad.


Hey if you only play the white keys you can play A minor too! Double sad!! :star_struck:


I have the very capable Deluge…it sounds really good and has a feature set that made me buy the thing…I haven’t touched it since March. It makes me sad that I don’t enjoy it but I just don’t.


For me it’s the Korg Kronos, I hated its UI since the moment I bought it, but every time I try to sell it I regret it because it sounds fantastic.


A minor is a happier sad than C minor. That said, everybody knows that D minor is the saddest of all keys…

D Minor - The Saddest of All Keys


So absolutely sad :cry:

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I don’t know why, but it makes me weep instantly.



I just got a nautilus, I love the sound, I hate the instrument. Trying to edit a parameter with the jog wheel only doing fine edits is a nightmare. How can I do a sweep lol.