DN freezes on startup / DSP Boot Failure on firmware 1.10


Reporting - DSP boot bug with 1.10. Awaiting bugfix…


The reason why I ditched the DN. The first I ordered had the boot failure so i sent it back and got a new one with the same issue. Interesting that this major issue isn’t addressed yet.


I hope it’s not problem shared with Digitakt, because I invested in both…


As this is a pretty standard thing, I am not too concerned, however I am frequently getting the dsp failure message when I switch my DN on.

Is this a ‘wait for an update’ scenario or a ‘return to Elektron’ scenario?

Many thanks


Its not


sorry - is answer to my or NUoldNU post? Because I’d strongly prefer to wait till update eliminates the issue…


Sorry, I could have been more clear. It’s not a problem shared with the digitakt. The digitakt does not suffer from a dsp failure bug.


I was getting the DSP boot error off and on within the first few months with my Digitone. Though recently, I can say it hasn’t come up in over 30 bootups. That’s for the past 3 months. Maybe I’m just lucky now.


Same error here.
However no C6 no Transfer can recognize the DT.
Any idea?


I’m getting this regularly now :-1:


Have ye who are recently reporting this issue tried formatting the drive like we discussed earlier in the thread?

If you do, back up all your shiz first.


I’ve had the same problem with DSP, after the upgrade to the same version 1.10 is problem solved. :slight_smile: All projects are without changes. You tried it too…


Got DSP error for the first time yesterday and twice today. Will open up ticket if formatting doesn’t work.


Hello, I get this issue on 1.11beta and 1.10A, but now I downgraded it to 1.10 and it seems to be ok… is it normal?


Its totally random in my opinion…


1.10A seems to have even more problems with the DSP failure. Bummer. Don’t like restarting it 1 out of 2 times…


So it seems to be a firmware issue or a certain firmware with certain serials?
After 2 hours I confirm that 1.10 is stable, 1.10A and 1.11Beta are completely unusable.


I used to get this a lot, but haven’t seen this issue reoccur in many months. Almost like it fixed itself…strange


Sometimes I think it has todo with cables I have plugged in during the starting of the device. When I unplug everything and fire it up the chances are higher that it will start/boot normally. Nevertheless a really annoying thing considering its like that (for me) since June 2018 :confused:


bummed this issue hasn’t been sorted out yet. I’ve got the money to invest in the DN but still waiting for big issues like this to be fixed.