DN freezes on startup / DSP Boot Failure on firmware 1.10


So, it happened first time today. UI of the unit froze while playing around with it. It did not respond to knobs or buttons but was still reacting normal to MIDI commands. Power cycle resolved that. Would call this a “soft freeze” since it did not lockup completly. Please Elektron, iron that out… this is such a lovely synth…


Mine shows “DSP boot failure” as well :frowning:

Digitone 1.02: bug reports

I had the DSP boot failure for the first time last week… 5 times since !


I posted on the 1.02 thread as well, but posting on this thread to report that even after updating to 1.10, my 3-day old Digitone is still freezing and showing a “DSP Boot failure” message at startup after every cold start (after not being on for at least a several hours or overnight). A quick power cycle by switching it off and back on fixes the issue, but frankly I’m just not comfortable with it.

I love this synth but as much as I want to keep it, I don’t think I’m willing to live through its teething problems with no assurance from Elektron that this is not a hardware issue and can be addressed with software, especially after how much money I spent on it. Perhaps I will return it, find an alternative, and maybe buy it again in the future once/if the problems are ever sorted.


Open a ticket with Elektron, they will assist. As far as I understood them it is mostly hardware related…

That is the reason why I RMA’d my first DN. That was a really faulty unit. My second one had one soft freeze so far (I descriped it some answers upwards)…

Patrick from Elektron support told me to check that second unit for a while. If that unit would not work as expected he offered further support…


Have gotten it a few times, and seems to be happening more lately. Scary if it’s a “hardware issue” that can’t be fixed via downloadable update…


This is to weird, I haven’t had the DSP error in a long time but today on the second boot of the day there it is.


Has anybody that’s received this specific error had any additional problems with their Digitone that might be related? I’m only asking because this error seems like an annoying one, but not too major. Quick reboot seems to fix the prob for everyone. Though I still would like a software update that would fix this issue, if it is in fact a software issue.

I have received a response from Elektron back in late July in regards to this bug. Here is what they said.

“The DSP boot failure is an unfortunate bug that only happens on boot. It has a high priority to be fixed and hopefully, it will be soon. On most units, this happens occasionally
and we’re still investigating what could be causing it.”


Today my Digitone had a ‘DSP Boot Failure’ again. I just submitted a ticked. Hope they can help.


My DT suffer this too! any news?


previous posts on this thread explain / detail the issues / fix , i’m not sure theres much more to add.


There are no news. They wanted to have a look into it. Maybe a fw update will help. For the rest see my latest posts, not very far upwards…


I just always turn mine on then off then on nowadays as it froze so often. Should have sent it back realy but I am also just hoping a firmware fix will come.


Are many people still getting this issue? I’m still on 1.02 and see it very infrequently. A little reticent to update to 1.10 (still)…


Reporting back: I am pretty sure I have not had this problem since I reformatted my +drive back in August.


Did you backup any projects and re-send then?


Yes I did.


Nice. I first experienced the dsp error the night I updated to 1.10 but have only had it one or two times since. Might be worth a shot to backup and format. Just to see what happens


I guess there are instructions to do this online? Thankfully I’ve only got two projects on which I am actively working right now…


IIRC it’s all in the manual.