DN freezes on startup / DSP Boot Failure on firmware 1.10


Since I couldnt find an appropriate thread I open this one. I got my DN ca. two month ago. It came with 1.02 preinstalled. I used it a lot and never ran into any trouble.

Since I recently installed 1.10 my DN began to just freeze on boot, sometimes the boot splash screen stays there for ever, sometimes it boots but it is unresponsive, sometimes it shows DSP Boot Failure message. Turning it off and on again solved this everytime, but I begin to wonder why this behaviour has been introduced with installing the latest firmware. The self test is 0 errors btw. which leads me to the assumption that descriped freezes etc. are software/firmware related as the DN worked flawless before updating…

Does anyone experience this too? I think I will open a ticket tomorrow anyway…


Does everyone experience freezing?
7 Ă— OS Update

Yeah, same problem, same symptoms.

Updated both my Digitakt and Digitone to 1.10 yesterday.

Takt update through Transfer 1.1.0 was smooth and without problems, Tone update through C6 seemed to go smoothly as well, until it froze on the “B / 1.10” boot screen at the required first reboot.

A bit of fiddling with the startup menu later (0 error self test) it started and worked normally again and so it did in my first boot attempt today.

Another reboot later however, it’s now stuck on the boot screen again…


Thank you for the info ! Will wait before updating !!!


I just opened a ticket. Let´s see what elektron comes up with…


My Digitakt froze on first restart after updating… Power vycled admd it’s been OK since then, fingers crossed…


I have been experiencing the DSP Boot Failure error through 1.01, 1.02 and now 1.10 as well. I have logged a support ticket, no reaction so far. I am sure this is not an uncommon issue.

FYI also for me power off/on remedies the freeze at all occasions, but still - it’s a confirmed bug.


…common bug these days…surprised it’s still there…'cause, yup, it’s been like this over a few updates back since…
usually it should always boot up fine again after another try…at least on 1.06 it does…
sometimes even the internal tune ratios come up slightly out of fix…same here…boot up again…
should be fine then…

it’s the first machine with two single independent dsp’s…so, that’s new terretory for getting the coding perfectly right… give it another moment…


I am totally relaxed if it’s fixable by a new firmware. Today I used my DN extensively and had no trouble at all. So I stay confidend :slight_smile:


I am also getting the DSP Boor Failure still after updating to 1.10. Please let me know if anyone hears back from Elektron. I am still in my return window if this is an actual hardware error.


Updated today, first boot, DSP boot failure.


Yea I’m getting this a lot… plus that unpleasant high pitch sound. at first thought it was related to the inputs… but nah… LOTS of crashes in any scenario. was hoping 1.10 would remedy


did you get a response?


no answer to my ticket yet… :frowning:


anybody else having problems with Digitakt or Digitone or both since last update ?


I get DSP Boot Failures on my DN regularly and it seems to have increased with the update. Restarting always fixes it.

Sometimes I think there is a higher chance of it occurring if I press trig keys before it finishes booting up, but not sure.


I hope that they fix it with the next update, but a statement by elektron would not hurt… or an answer to my ticket…


I’ve only just got my Digitone and it sounds like its still pretty fresh off the boat… I won’t be updating right now.


Same here, got it last week, updated 2 days ago and now get both the freeze and the dsp failure. Doesn’t happen all the time, just enough to be annoying.


Same here. Both in 1.02 and 1.10 sigh


I got an answer from support asking how often these problems occur. The problems are less likely Software dependend and they are exchanging faulty units… I asked how to proceed… Lets wait and see…