DN freezes on startup / DSP Boot Failure on firmware 1.10


Did you get any news?


Get my digitone in December. It just started making this high-pitch noise and bundle of reason for crashing. I formatted the device and it hasn’t dont it since.


Just received a brand new Digitone today, with 1.10B loaded in.
First boot was ok, I started playing with it for 15 minutes. Then I powered it off and on quickly, to check if the project was auto-saved => got me a “DSP Boot Failure” :confused:

I restarted it, and the error disappeared. I tried again twice and it didn’t appear again.
Hopefully this gets sorted out, not a good sign for an absolutely brand new machine.

Has anyone got news from the support ?


@theAndroid Are you running the DN by itself or do you have other gear connected to it through midi or usb? I used to get boot failures while trying to turn both my digitones on at the same time while they were connected through midi.

Since I started turning one on first and then the other (now I have DT and DN but I still do this) I don’t get boot failure ever. I haven’t gotten it since last year.


Nothing plugged in.
It really was the second boot I did, I received it this morning.


Maybe I restarted it too fast ?
Simple assumption but maybe there is a full memory dump or whatever electronic component “flush” that needs to be finished before rebooting.


From manual:


Thanks @Open_Mike, this is good to know.
It looks a like a good culprit, hopefully this is it :wink:


I haven’t received this error in a long time. It seems it took care of itself. Perhaps since I’m not using the original project that is preinstalled with all the preset patterns? Not 100% though.


Received my DN last week. Powered on/off fine about a dozen times.

Then earlier tonight I left it on for about an hour unattended, came back to find it soft locked (wasn’t responding to input). I removed all cables and power cycled it (30+ seconds) now I’m not getting anything, no splash image, no boot, just a single flash of trigger leds.

Opened up a support case but I’m readying for the RMA now. Sounds like I got the real short end of the stick with mine.


Where did you get the 1.10B?
Can’t find it on their support page. It seems that some are lucky and get lesser failes. Maybe I will draw the lucky lot with 1.10B too :slight_smile:




It was delivered as-is this week, I guess my unit is very recent in the production line.


Mine did it this morning too, it’s an early unit probably from the first batch, os 1.10, and it happens from time to time randomly.


Oh, hmmm… I think it may be on the support page then in a few weeks from now?! Thanks mate.


Does anyone here have a copy on 1.02 that they could email until the bug is fixed? Just want to try it. Looking for Mac. Can’t find my file for it


You can get all versions from Elektron support by sending them an email request.


It’s not restricted to 1.10 versions, the DSP boot failure error was already reported with earlier OS versions…


Those B versions are on the overbridge beta testing thread…


Guess you have a point there. Going to pay attention to it now but I found out my issue is when I change the midi settings… Weird