Digitone syx for Faderfox EC4 uploaded

Hello all,

I spent the day mapping out my Digitone Keys to my Faderfox EC4 I’m not sure if all functions are the same on both DN and DNK but if anyone would like to load up the file below to their EC4 and see if it all works for you it’d be great to know and I’ll start doing more for other stuff like Digitakt etc.

Here’s the syx file made on the Digitone Keys

Elektro Digitone Keys.syx (179.4 KB)

Let me know if it works ok for you



Was too lazy to map mine so I’m glad I came across this haha. Would love to see A4 as well.

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Hope it works for you… I’m doing Digitakt now should be done tomorrow I’ll do more soon :+1:
Let me know if all controls work for you… iv’e fine tuned some of them.



Updated file, now contains

  • Setup 1 - Digitone
  • Setup 2 - Digitakt

Please test and if all good I’ll make more for other gear shortly

ffec4-digitone-digitakt.syx (179.4 KB)


Digitakt doesn’t seem to send (PROB) in the Source page however PROB works ok in Digitone via midi
Iv’e placed the control in the page anyways in case Elektron update the PROB

Be good to know if these work for your Faderfox EC4 and I’ll do more



Thank you!! I made and shared one for the Toraiz AS-1 last week and I just finished mapping the SP16.

We should collect all these in this thread, maybe you can rename it to “Faderfox EC4 mappings/sysex” or something like that and we all post our mappings in here?



That’s great mate I enjoy doing this stuff hehe saves me problems in future.
Just started on this for the EC4 might be tricky tho have to manually enter most values


Iv’e attached another file for the EC4 which includes Midi CC settings only for the DSI Mopho desktop.

  • Setup 1 - Digitone
  • Setup 2 - Digitakt
  • Setup 3 - Mopho

I couldn’t figure out the NRPN the values were just jumping all over so made this with Midi CC


I put Volume/Bpm and Clock on all groups so you can adjust instantly without flipping back to adjust stuff. Saves your ears if the filter screams lol
No matter what page your on you can adjust those 3 parameters.
I also made a BANK page the Mopho has 3 banks of 128 so 3 encoders are assigned to banks A,B and C with a 4th encoder on program change duty

Hope it works for you

DSI MOPHO .syx (179.4 KB)



So I will try this file here shortly, but as I was starting to program this myself, what were your EC4 settings for the ratio control for Syn1:B ?

And did you come across any scenarios that seemed to allow you to shoot past 16.0/16.0? I seem to have done this tonight and am kinda excited. The DN reports ERR/ERR on the B ratio screen but it continues to respond for what sounds like two full extra ratios.

Hmm… something about the configuration here seems weird using the B ratio… I thought it was something I was doing wrong, but it seems to affect this configuration as well.

Even with an acc0 on the EC4, if I don’t turn the knobs like, super slow, I get sudden and unpredictable jumps in value.

^^Quick vid. Notice when the bottom ratio leaps from 7.00 down to 1.00 before reaching 8.00. (Sorry about the dust.)

Am I the only one having this issue?

Maybe the problem is with rather counterintuitive way the Display Scale (Disp) setting influences how data is sent for 14 bit values: If you set Disp to 127, ±63 or ONOF, the EC4 only sends the MSB of the value, which gives you only values of 0, 128, 256 etc, up to 16.838. That would make the values jump. It basically acts like a coarse control, but with no way to add the fine control.

So your best bet for 14bit values is the other display scales. The problem with those is that with those the number displayed rarely bears any resemblance to what you would see on your synthesizer, and for the bipolar I have never encountered the zero where I would expect it.

Also for 14 bit values the values for upper and lower represent the MSB of the limit, so the limit goes in steps of 128 (not exactly for some display modes), but close enough.

You can try reducing upper to 1, and then work your way up until you can reach the maximum value in the Digitone, that might cure the jumping.

FWIW: checking what the E4 actually sends helped me keep my sanity, here’s a free midi monitor.

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Hi !
Thanks for the share. I was wondering if you experience value jumps since the DN and DT don’t send the CC61 as the OT does ?


I’m having this issue and it’s driving me mad as it makes it difficult to move through patterns without constantly “resetting” the parameters to the EC4 knob positions.

Any workaround for this???