Digitone OS 1.20


maybe it will cure it? what do you have to lose trying? :wink:


They don´t seem to.

EDIT: I´m referring to master tune, not portamento p-lock.


They can be
There are some other portamento option on another menu too , glide/legato/timing option.



Here you find settings related to the portamento. For more information, please see “11.2 TRIG PARAME-
TERS PAGE” on page 43.

TRACK. When you play notes, the pitch glides from the pitch of the last note played to the next new
note played on the track.
VOICE When you play notes, the pitch glides from the pitch of the last note played by a specific
voice to the pitch of the next new note played by the same voice.
LEGATO ONLY When you play notes, the pitch glides from the pitch of the last note played and
held (the last key pressed down and not yet released) to the pitch of the next new note played on
the track.
CONSTANT RATE. The pitch glides linearly at a constant rate. Longer glides take longer time to
CONSTANT TIME The pitch glides linearly, but the glide is completed in a specific time, regardless
of the interval between the start and end notes. Glides over wider note intervals, therefore, have a
higher rate.
This setting enables partial glides where just the final part of the interval is included in the glide. For
example, a setting of 100 gives a full glide from start to finish. Lower values start the glide closer to
the goal pitch. With polyphonic portamento on chords, this can result in a shorter and less messy
GLIDE Ordinary continuous portamento.
GLISSANDO Quantizes the portamento to semitones.
OFF The glide continues after the key is released.
ON The glide stops when the key is released.

11.2.7 PTIM
Portamento Time sets the time for the portamento (1–127)


11.2.8 PORT
Portamento turns the portamento on/off (ON, OFF)
For more information, please see “9.5.5 PORTAMENTO” on page 27.


Ah yeah! Randomizer! Or should I say Rad!omizer…?


Sorry, I wasn´t replying to the portamento p-locking, I was talking about master tune.


Today is my birthday and this is the best gift I have received so far!! :smiley:

Thank you Elektron <3


This is exactly what I’ve wanted! Thanks for a solid update Elektron.


I was holding off on a DT until it worked with OB. Hmm…


Woohoo, 303 slide mode confirmed :rofl:


Looks like a great implementation of glidey slidey goodness, woop woop @ess


Is the DT stereo? Can you get a nice wide sound out of it?


WHOOP WHOOP! This is one hell of an update!


shit … the A4 had multi map probably since forever … I feel stupid, I should RTFM more


Can you sequence multi map internally?

I guess through a midi loop-back rig you could…


Midi S&H lfo to velocity should do the trick, if I understand it correctly.


Great update!

But why is it still not possible to change tracks within mute mode ?? :smiley:

please, this is needed for a quick and intuitive live performance! <3


Really happy to see portamento added with this update! I can’t seem to wrap my head around how to set it up like a classic legato monosynth though, where the amp and operator envelopes do not reset when playing overlapping notes. I can slide the pitch with portamento, but the envelopes are reset with each new trig. I’ve set a track up to use 1 voice. If I program two consecutive trigs, setting the length of the first so that it overlaps with the second, the amp, filter and operator envelopes reset. Setting ARST, BRST and AENR to OFF doesn’t seem to help. As far as I can tell, for the operators I would need to parameter lock ATRG and BTRG to be off on the second trig, but when I hold down the trig and turn the corresponding knobs, it doesn’t seem to be possible to lock these parameters? When programming in the sequencer, I can get the filter to behave correctly by p-locking FLT.T to be OFF on the second trig, but I can’t seem to make the amp and operator envelopes work like this. I’m sure this is user error and I must be missing something obvious - has anyone been able to get this to work? :slight_smile:

Edit - I’ve found a workaround using the LFOs as simple envelopes (in one-shot mode) routed to the operator levels and the amp level. Then LFO.T on the main Trig page can be P-locked for amp/operator legato behaviour just like P-locking FLT.T does for the filter. With PHRT set to OFF to avoid clicks with new trigs, and portamento set to Legato Only mode, this will produce classic monosynth legato behaviour (ie envelopes do not reset on every trig) that’s very straightforward to program. Sounds spot on for fluid hypnotic bass. :smile:

Quick example…


Video from loopop regarding multimap (on analog 4)


Yes, this update is solid stuff. Just had a quick jam using portamento and randomise, it’s killer for those quick one pattern jams that could extend to couple of hours:) Still need to figure the multimap mode but there’s the weekend for that. Currently DN is better groovebox /single box than the DT in almost every aspect. There should be some love for the DT - BP or base filter, proper side-chain, tempo divisions… anyways, amazing stuff Elektron, thank you!


Guys, don’t freak out when your Digitone’s screen will go black…Seems that they implement Screensaver on this one too…Did not see it the list of changes (sorry if i missed it).