Digitone OS 1.20


haha good to know!


did you mess up with the new audio routing in the jogwheel menu? by default all 7 leds should be green (they are red if you disable something)

edit: probably not this if you hear when playing the keyboard. sorry




It restarted with all the tracks muted and I posted before realizing that, so I withdrew my post.



It’s Acid Time


I’m at work and my DN is at home!

I’m daydreaming here, but with the new ‘multi-map’ addition I am hoping it is something akin to that new AFX mode on the Novation BS2.

in my head I’m going to go home, update the OS, and assign 10 kicks to the lower keys on Keystep, hats and clap sounds in a section and so on… sort of like build kits with the sound pool and keyboard layout.


I’m deeply grateful for the randomise function. Makes programming fun again. :slight_smile:


So with the multimap feature, could you essentially build drum kits and switch the entire kit by going up / down an octave? I’m curious to try this.


I’ve been using the LFOs for glide, works very well actually. Will have to check all this out!


Thank you for listening Elektron!! :heart::heart::heart:

Poramento is spectacular and Multi-Map means I can play the Digitone like a drum machine! FINALLY!! The drum sounds are sooo goood!


this is what im hoping i can figure out today!


Bellissimo & wonderful.


That’s exactly right.


You could also set an Arp to different multipliers on different patches and as you ascend the keyboard it can start retriggering your patch, faster and faster. Great for glitching!


when i contacted elektron support about the dsp boot issue in january 2019 the response i got was

“This is a firmware issue affecting a few units more consistently than others and our developers are close to a fix. If you have the possibility to exchange the unit via your retailer I recommend doing that. A fix is not that far away but it could take a few more weeks and I can’t really promise how soon the bug fix OS can be released. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.


Patrik - Elektron”

i returned to the store i got it from, but was unable to get the dsp boot issue to occcur while in store. take it home, and the dsp boot issue is occurring again intermittently.

is this actually covered under warranty or not? getting it fixed has not been possible at all on my end…


Using OB vst, my DT comes in at -12db (perfect), but the DN comes in at -17db. Too low. Anyone know how to change this?


Hav you tried latest os?
I assume they must’ve got a few fixes in if you had that response in January.
I only ever got my machine to fail once (since I’ve had it , a long time )but I was running / triggering as much as I could at 300bpm with as many plocks/ trigs / arps and midi as I could to try and overload it.

It was fine once I went to test mode , clicked on encoder test , pressed lots of stuff then rebooted. (Hold func when booting for test mode)


There are settings in audio routing , same as digitakt.


Portamento rocks, it sounds amazing and opens up the synth to whole new worlds. Thanks for making this happen Elektron! Random is also a lot of fun.

:pray: for a firmware upgrade of this magnitude for Digitakt soon… but for now I shall be grateful for this one :slight_smile:


Nothing there to do with gain. Under USB Config, the USB to Main (dB) does absolutely nothing unfortunately.