Digitone OS 1.20


I would say so. Since you can very easily program a drum track.


is the multi map edit available in OB too?
can’t check now, I am still at work




Damn you for doing my job better than me :smile:


Is it possible to mutlimap a randomized parameter trig?


Can the portamento/slide be plocked?


Just had a look into the Overbridge VST. Everything there to make programming the Digitone an enjoyable experience… I hate programming sounds on the bof bc. of the naming of sounds.

Nice surprise, this update. Well done Elektron.


Will it make my DSP Boot failure problem worse?


Does the new OS come with the updated presets, i.e., will I get them on the DN?


Amazing! Portamento and multimap are the big ones for me, the multimap makes my single track video obsolete!!


Just chiming in to echo ^this sentiment.


Ooh this could be nice, previously Multimap only worked on keys either built in or midi, to have it on the trig buttons is pretty cool!


Fantastic news!


It does not. The Digitone Keys has 256 new Sounds in bank A and the 256 sounds from Digitones bank A in bank B. However all factory Sounds from both machines will be available for as free downloads. :slight_smile:


Wonderful news!


Now it makes sense, that there was no VST for DN in Overbridge yet. :smiley:


Yes it can. Portamento on/off and Portamento Time can be p-locked.


Send it in for service. This is covered under warranty.


First impressions… portamento … nice one. Randomise LFO is lightning in a bottle. And what’s this auidio path routing I see?

Love this synth!



please tell me they have added this now?