Digitone OS 1.20


Congratulations, now with the addition of portamento the Digitone might ascend into the Hall of Fame of FM synths :star_struck:


anyone knows what’s the multi map ? is it like the performance knob in A4 ?


What is this?


LOL was just about to ask about multi map too - seems like an advanced “keyboard split” type mode


Some “AFX mode”!!!


ahh like sections of the keyboard for each track … hmm


Nice update!


great !!! thank you !! … only tempo multiplier per track (DT&DN) i miss so badly :frowning:


and DT! last firmware (not OB beta) was in July '18, almost a year ago…


Found the multi-map info in the DN-Keys manual lol, trigger stuff from individual trigs (Sounds etc? :O)


ohhh yeah !!!
so the multi map functionality is basically = your own AFX mode


Multi map :heart:.
Digitone is now my dream groove box!!


The updated Digitone User Manual is available on the Elektron site now.


I’m happy :slight_smile: even though I can’t afford the Digitone Keys, I think I’ll like this OS update.


The updated manual is already available:

Oooops, @eangman was faster … but without a link :smiley:


Will multi map be useful when using the Digitone standalone (i.e. not connected to a midi keyboard?)


The MULTI MAP mode gives you the possibility to map different functions to single notes or note ranges on the [TRIG] keys or an external MIDI controller/keyboard. The functions that can be mapped are: Internal trigging of Sounds on any track, trigging of MIDI notes on any MIDI channel and the ability to trig patterns with custom transpose and timing settings. Multi map also allows custom mapped keyboards splits, pattern triggering per key, Sound trig per key, MIDI trig of external synths, and more. In the MULTI MAP mode, for example, full drum kits, bass lines, and lead sounds can be played simultaneously. This makes it ideal for performances and live improvisations.

It is possible to map one unique function for each of the 128 keys of the entire MIDI keyboard range.

There are eight slots available for each project to store a complete multi map.


Dat portamento making my song an acidic slip n’ slide.


Cool thing is that with Multi Map you can assign several Sounds to the same “key” and let velocity control which Sound that gets played :slight_smile:


Damn that’s pretty in tents.