Digitone key filter modwheel and pitchbend of external midi controller


I use the digitone key with other synths and digitakt.

I use a second keyboard controller to control either digitone or the other synths.

When I play digitone key with the other midi controller, I’ve got modulations and pitchbend controls.

When I play other synth with the other midi controller going through the digitone, I can only use notes on & off … No pitchbend neither modwheel control.

I encontered this problem with the digitakt, and I thought it was a limitation on purpose because it is a rythm machine. But on the digitone key I cannot understand at all. I need the modulation wheel and pitchbend of my second controller …

I cannot use the merge workaround because I need the digitone to route my controller to different synths depending on the pattern.

I cannot put the digitone key at the end of my daisychain, because it’s also a controller, I want to carry on using it as a controller !!!

Pleeaaaase any solution, I was desesperated because of this with the digitakt and I didn’t expect at all that it was going to happen also on the digitone key.

Thank you very much in advance, and if it’s a deadend, I need to know it and change my setup.

PS: I don’t want to sequence modwheel or pitchbend, just simply use them when I play my midi keyboard.


I share your sentiments and sympathize. Its pretty maddening that Elektron continues to leave this out, especially considering how simple it must be to implement, code-wise. Storing a few numbers in a buffer and passing it along. done. If they are still adding features to the boxes, im sure that there is enough programming space still available for this! Since it works this way in both the “Digi” boxes, it seems to indicate that it is an intentional decision. Elektron clearly wants us to stop wiggling live. P-locks only :wink:

** Admittedly, there is also fair chance that Im being dense and doing something wrong in setting up my digitone. I really cant believe Elektron would omit something as basic as this out and there dont seem to be a lot of people complaining about it… I would imagine that it would be a deal-breaker for some.

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I don’t think there is a chance that the set up is wrong. I’ve spent so much time searching with the digitakt and now I’m there with the digitone.

It seems grotesque that we can use only note on/off. This is a crazy limitation. Or I have to play only with the 3 octaves of the digitone key, but this is crazy too, and that mean that I have to split the keyboard methodically for each tune !! Or get rid of my other synths …

This is crazy. I would like someone from elektron to tell me :
• « you’re wrong with your setup, it should work » and help me
• « It’s a bug, we’re working on it, be patient for a few weeks and it’ll work »
• « Go **** yourself, we don’t like other midi keyboard pitchbend »

Even with the last one, I’d be happy. I’d move on.

But now I’ve got the feeling I’m halucinating. I’ve bought those Elektron machine to get rid of my computer, and now I have to keep a computer on stage just to deal with my routing (with all the midi merge and thru complexity that it brings to have 2 parrallel path of the midi signal), because Elektron machine filtering some of the midi informations of my setup !!! I’m getting crazy.

I just want to know what is going on. Bug ? Mistake ? Marketing limitation (which I think would be such a huge mistake) ?

Please someone frome Elektron tell me, if I sell back everything or if there is a real fix somewhere, or in the near future.

Thank you very much for the good work that I have difficulties to appreciate right now because I miss a few fingers.


Any idea ? Bug ? Problem with my setup ?

Thanks !

If you want an official response you’ll prob have to file an official support request. They’ll should get back in a couple days. i had been intending to do this myself, but ive been using the OT as my main hub, so for me, at the moment, it is less of an immediate issue and more of annoyance on principle… so basically Ive been too lazy.

Maybe you could post their “official” reply here.

Wow , so no one else getting tripped out by this one?
I’m using a controller thru my Digitone and there certainly seems no controller pass thru (MW & PB).

Ha, so I guess I’m still getting use to the Elektron (& the Digi) way ,having searched some more - no biggie.

This is indeed expected behaviour for the Digitone currently.

A lot of people run into this, it’s one of the most common feature requests.


Wow, this is stupid. I wanted to use my Digitone as the main Midi Controller, controlled itself by a midi keyboard. But now there is no way to play live with the Pitch Bend and MW from my keyboard when I am on the Midi channels? What a huge disappointment. Please implement this, Elektron!

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