Digitone key filter modwheel and pitchbend of external midi controller


For now, I‘m using the MidiFlow translation app on my iPhone for playing and recording Modwheel and Pitchbender with the MIDI tracks on the Digitone, repurposing the MIDI LFO and VAL8 CC settings. Also the BC setting on SYN1 page is used to switch on/off the translation (0=off), so that the internal tracks can work as usual, as needed.

For recording realtime PB slides, I found it‘s good to run the track with 2x speed, for increased resolution. But 2 bars max.

There is the Apple CCK adapter and a MIDI hub plugged into the iPhone, connecting my keyboard and the Digitone via USB.

Problem solved for me.

I uploaded the translation setup to the files section:

Did this ever get implemented? I discovered yesterday that I can’t use pitchbend or mod wheel from MAudio controller keyboard into my Digitone on the MIDI channels.

If it does not work, it wasn’t implemented.

Maybe we can start a petition?

I use the encoders on the Midi tracks sometimes, to change PB or MW values or record them in realtime. You need to manually enable it with FUNC and press encoders once. This value is also saved and recalled with the pattern I think. It’s clumsy to move a hand away from the Midi keyboard over to the Digitone, but sometimes it’s good enough.

Yeah that doesn’t work - an encoder is vastly different to a pitch bend wheel.
Is there a way to map it?

Not directly. Yes, with an external app or hardware, in the complex way I described above.

If you own any iOS device (can be an old iPhone, like 5 or 6) and a USB (CCK) adapter, it’s quite straight forward.

Get MidiFlow or any other Midi mapping app. But MidiFlow is quite easy to set up.

The Midi LFO on the Midi tracks of a Digitone has Pitchbend as a destination option, and you can control its depth setting via CC in high resolution. So I set the frequency to zero and played around until it worked.

The result of a live recording of a bass line with pitchbend you can hear in my video. Also you can look into the video description for more info.

I think this must be considered as product politics at this point, as functionality is all there in parts, just not being linked together. Or maybe they think the resolution of the sequencer is not high enough and it gives clumsy results. Yes sometimes, but at least it works in live play.

Maybe if we are really begging we can get it.