Digitone feature requests!

Isn’t DN called Digital Polyphonic Synthesizer for nothing?

Wavetable Machine and Waveguide Resonator for DN


midi control (cc or nrpn) of Sound Setup -> Octave

Please and thank you.

Track Chance like the Model machines.
Could possibly be done merely by adjusting the COND knob (Trig condition) since it is only used in connection with holding trigs.


Midi arpeggiator

Randomise arpeggiator


Per note length adjustment option for chords on Add Note page.

Some option to decrease encoder sensitivity. It’s very annoying to dial in specific values. Currently func + encoder will snap to certain values. How about a setting that let us change this behavior to lower sensitivity instead.

Bug: It’s not possible to save sounds in empty slots while the tag filter is active. This was very confusing for me when I first tried to save a sound because I kept getting the “write protected” error despite being in an empty bank.


Another vote for those two!

Also, I hope this has been mentioned already, but the possibility of sending pitch bend and modulation wheel data that is received on the MIDI IN to the MIDI OUT would be a life safer! I have the same problem as described here and it’s a real PITA, I have to use a MIDI merge box to combine the MIDI OUT with the MIDI THRU just because of this.


Not sure if this has been mentioned -

A global scale setting - so we can set the key of all tracks instead of setting each one individually. Of course that is helpful if you want to set each track to a different key, but generally one overall option would be good.


I would like to polychain multiple DTs, so I can play big pads on lots of keys, with sostenuto. Might even need more than two DTs. Easy way to sell more units, right?

Should work as transparently as possible, so use the secundairy (tertiary, …) DT as an expander on the primary one. Hands need only touch the primary unit. Would greatly prefer standalone over computer-based solution, but if that gets me chaining over USB, then OK.

Anybody else want this?

This would gain more traction if you changed “DT” to “DN” in your request :wink:

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Love the option to tag sounds… Not sure about anyone else but I’d find it really handy to be able to create custom tags to add to the existing list


That’ll likely never happen, the way the ‘tags’ in other devices are actually stored are as ‘flags’ in the bits within a set number of bytes - the sound file only logs the on/off - the firmware attributes the name

Arp MIDI output, SID and Random Arp mode(Monomachine kind of). These are my requests based on few days of DN practice.


Ratchet / retrig option like the digitakt has please


Relatively New to the digitone. But I know the pattern and track mute modes well from the digitakt.

Would be cool to expand the ability of mute states between pattern changes with:

[Pattern] + [track/s] + [Pattern#]
Will launch pattern with the selected tracks solo’d regardless of pattern / tack mute states.

[Pattern] + [Page] + [Pattern#]
Will launch the pattern with all tracks unmuted regardless of pattern mute states.

This would add more options for live performance.

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you can use arps as a workaround if you’re feeling saucy

I would love to control the pattern reload with a midi command. On digitakt too, and maybe even the same command for part reload on the octatrack.

I can do the same by just creating a new pattern on all 3 devices, but this would be so nice for jamming


Loving DN recently <3

How about some indication on the screen (1px high progress bar?) of what fraction through the M.LEN you currently are?

This would make it easier in the heat of the moment to know you’re nearing the end of an M.LEN cycle and should queue up a change.


Usable ratios for operator B when holding FUNC.
Currently holding FUNC just defaults to 1.00 for all operators which we can already do with knob press+NO.

For performance it would be really useful if holding FUNC would jump through useful values or an increment of +2.00.


I keep wondering if this is possible, based on the signal path and routing.
Feels like it should be…

A louder reverb please!!!