Digitone feature requests!


in play and live record mode, led light (red) following steps while the pattern runs, like on digitakt and others


I’d love to be able, as a general setting, to unlink the Master section from Patterns. This way the DT could be used as a mixer (for DT in my case) in a live situation, without the pain of having to set up IN L and IN R to the same value in every single pattern.


Yep, this would be great. Have to turn on the metronome a lot more without the running red light.


Would be really cool if there was a way to lock the master page so it isn’t affected by changing patterns. FUNC + double tap LFO when you’re already on that page could work.

Think there’s a bug which kind of makes it work like this lol… if you switch to a pattern with a blank master page, it keeps the input levels from the previous pattern until you change them.


Posting in the bug section then !


Will do, but kinda like the bug lol… hope it doesn’t get fixed if there’s no other way to lock it.


+1 for p-lock the arp please


I think my number one request for the digitone is more stock!!!


Would love to know how you’d use this feature. Different modes in the same key?

Edit: Oh wait, do you mean time scale? Cause that makes a whole lot more sense.


For those requesting wave folding/multiplying/timbre features, I believe the same exact sounds can already be done with phase modulation. If I’m not mistaken there are very close similarities in behavior. In analog these are handled by different processes (amplification and rectification for example) but the result is similar. I’m pretty sure Open Music Labs would have a write-up, but maybe not. While I’ve achieved very similar sounds using FM/PM I wasn’t paying close attention to the methods involved. I’ll do some experiements, and see what it takes to get some of those sweeping sounds. I’ll post back if I’m successful. :slight_smile: (I’m just not sure it’s necessary to add a function, if it can be achieved using the base synthesis methodology.) I guess just having a discrete menu item that performs this directly though could be handy. (just thinking “aloud” here…)


Would like them to expand it to 8 tracks and 16 note poly.
Don’t own one but can imagine the 4 track and particularly 8 note poly limitation would be frustrating at times


Yeah, I meant time scale … different tempo multiplier per track :grinning:


in order of priority to me (1 being highest), these feature omissions (especially 1-6) are giving me hesitation to buy a DN despite salivating over the concept of this 8-voice 4-op fm synth with elektron sequencer…

  1. portamento – I’m really surprised there isn’t any kind of portamento or pitch glide shipped with this. really hope to see that added - a pretty important basic feature of any synthesizer IMO

  2. all transpositions, p-locks of notes, and offsets from the customized arp should be forced to the key and scale selected for that track. quite pointless to have a pitch quantizer function that only operates on live input (as I understand it to work currently). perhaps a p-lockable parameter for “force to scale”, so we have the option of adding accidentals - that would be quite lovely

  3. parameter slides, as on OT and AR and A4/AK

  4. p-lockable arp parameters

  5. arp and chords and scales for MIDI tracks - if it’s not possible, or if it’s currently broken with bugs (sounds more like it), please facilitate this

  6. 2nd LFO for midi tracks

update: request redacted because implemented :no_mouth: :heart_eyes: 7. if not possible already (this is unclear from the manual and from forum posts), please make it possible to route LFOs to the HARM parameter (morphing wavetables are the best for ambient) as well as to detune, feedback, and mix (if not possible already - I don’t know)

  1. timbral features inspired by buchla and buchla-inspired eurorack stuff : digital wavefolder (yeah, feedback is similar but not the same - this is implemented nicely in the open-sourced code for Mutable Instruments Warps), “follow”/tracking speed of operators (see on the DPO - this makes for some awesome slippery sound design), some kind of vactrol emulation for the filter and VCA’s response to envelopes (see the open-sourced code for this in Mutable Instruments Streams). I would massively downsize my modular system if these kinds of things were added, as the DN is the first thing that’s made me wonder if I need my Shapeshifter VCO anymore, and sure this would help the DN sell like crazy (not to mention enable more musical productivity ;)) amongst modular users who want more patch recallability and sequencing power.


I imagine that you could get very similar timbral behavior to a comb filter by abusing the delay and chorus, depending on how deep the feedback goes. I’ve found this to be the case on the OT and AR


As a followup to my previous post, I haven’t found anything yet that does a spot on wave-folder type of effect, though I’ve gotten close with a few settings, so maybe it would be a handy menu-item. The Harmonics setting when sweeped is actually very close, though it’s a lot more subtle than a dedicated wave folder. Maybe that feature can have multiple settings to where it could add harmonics more aggressively like a timbre/folder type circuit. As far as just using PM, I think one needs to be able to add a DC offset (or digital equivalent) to get the same sort of behavior.


If I understand it correctly it isn’t possible to set different playback speeds for each track. For example have T1 set at normal tempo, T2 at 1/2 tempo, T3 at 2x tempo and T4 at 1/4 tempo. You could then have the loop length determined by the slowest division being used which would also allow for longer sequences within a pattern to be made.

I would also like different playback methods like a modular sequencer, backwards, random, pendulum, ect. If this could be controlled via an LFO that would be amazing!


I’d really appreciate delay time and feedback on the chorus. The preset settings sound nice, but it really limits the kind of sounds you can get with it. There’s even knob space for them on the page.



When you hold down 10+ buttons and turn an encoder, a slime (with the same color as the OLED screen) should be extruded from all rear audio jacks, like spaghetti…but it’s sweet and flavored like lemon + lime, and it should contain everything to sustain mental alertness for an entire weekend in the studio.


already possible!


cheers for clarifying !