Digitone feature requests!


Arp for midi tracks!


+1 on scales for custom arp.


+1, surprised this isn’t an option already.

Arp and chords for the midi tracks would be great.


I’d add this one :

when selecting the LFO source, the latest tweaked parameter should be selected. That would be an incredible fast workflow.


And this MAJOR one :

When inputing notes via a MIDI keyboard, in step mode, i’d like to hear the note with the parameter locks. That would be awesome, and would allow fine adjustment to parameter values without having to wait for the sequencer to pass the step you’re editing.


I’m pretty sure you can do that on the RYTM, you just gotta hold the trig you’re plocking and then trigger the track. This might work on the Digitone, but I haven’t tried it. Is that what you’re after?


This one as well :

Remember pitch info when erasing a step. Maybe just for a while. But you you edit quickly several step parameters, sometimes you accidentally erase a step.


No because when you’re in step record mode, you lose the “keyboard”. On the Rytm you’ve got the pads to trigger sounds as you edit them, holding the step button.


Try using your midi keyboard? I’m curious if this will work


Quoting myself.

  • P-Lock Arp Rate (Essential)
  • P-Lock other arp parameters
  • Negative range : octave down moves.


Ability to route any unused LFO to any track/parameter on other tracks


I just realized that there was no random mode for the arpeggiator !
This is a big deal.


I’ve spent 3 days straight parameter locking one particular step in this sequence… Now I’d love to be able to hold said step and save it as a new sound. I understand that the send parameters would be lost but is at all this possible? Could this be a feature request if no. Thanks


we need a sysex dump… it’s in the manual, but missing in the hardware unit


unfortunanately not. its a bummer on all machines. would be so cool if you could just copy all sound settings by pressing trig + sound + copy


Being able to set the seq to play steps 5-7 would be great
U know like 47-48
Or 13 jump 28;29 in a loop
Or back wards and forwards play step 13-2-56-24


Apologies if this has already been suggested, but a poly mode where consecutive repeats of the same note don’t cut each other off would be lovely.

e.g. if I have a long attack and release on a patch, and want to play two C-5 notes close to each other in my pattern, it’d be nice to have the first C-5 ring out under the other rather than starting again as though it’s monophonic. I’m not sure if other synths are like this but it’s definitely noticeable, especially with chords sharing some of the same notes.


On the midi pages, having the cc value and cc destination on separate pages makes it difficult to manage/remember what’s goin on because you can’t see what’s happening at a glance. Instead of 2 unique pages I think it would be easier to read if there were 2 duplicate pages where one row is CC value and one row is CC destination. It is not helpful to see a page of values with no reference to what they relate to.

I guess this would apply to more than just the DN, though. It’s something I’ve disliked across all the Elektron devices with midi sequencers


I read this topic about 10 days ago and the list of requested features was already long, very long, now It is overwhelming. Putting apart a couple of very exotic requests (I will not point out which ones to avoid contrasts) I came to the conclusion that Digitone is still a beta product 'cause most of feature requests are DUE SPECS (poor midi sequencer for external gear, one LFO for external midi sequencer, impossibility to route unused LFOs in a flexible way and a group of bugs just to begin)
Elektron is not to blame, for now, because the came up with a new FM machine (not easy task, we all know what FM is, they are brave and innovative), very musical at a decent price (excluding the bloody taxes here in Europe), but It is an high priority to fix all these things in a reasonable timeframe.
Another thing I came to understand is their too strict product NO-overlap policy. Naturally, not a single company in the world would take out overlapping products (VOLVO almost failed for it in 90s) but we cannot buy all Elektron boxes, implement a poor midi tracks sequencer in digitone (digitakt is quite OK) is not going to make me buy Octatrack because I simply dont need a sampler. I own AK and AR and still I do not have the possibility to midi sequence external synths or iPad synths, especially polyphonic ones.