Digitone feature requests!


RTFM, jeez man


I’d love resonance and key tracking for the base width filter.


What about something like a bank of - let’s say - 16 user boolean (true/false) variables, which can be set by user to true/false at any time in live performance by some TRIG1-16 key combination. Then each of them can be set as U1-16 trig condition (+ negation maybe). Something similar to FILL, but in multiple instances and bistable. One bank per project would be fine, does not have to be non-volatile.

It would be fancy, if LFO could modulate selected variable (positive LFO value sets it to true, negative to false) - slow LFO could be then used for pattern trigs modulation; fast could give the possibility of some crazy pattern variations. And even more fancy, if trigs themselves could be programmed for setting selected variable to true/false/toggle - happening of one trig could control the possibility of chosen trigs throughout the whole project; these then could control other variables, and as a result other trigs; and so on (the last trig could even control the first trig, creating then some kind of a control feedback loop).


I would like the ability to modulate the base width filter with the filter envelope, and a knob to control its depth.


be sure this one will be fixed then :smiley:


Some more requests from me:

  • Ability to paste to multiple trigs at once, reflecting the functionality of being able to plock multiple trigs at once
  • Not sure if this already exists, but a trig condition mode where it is true, for example, on the first three repeats of a pattern but not the fourth? Perhaps inverted versions of all of the A:B ratios at the end?
  • Better handling of B1/B2 ratios; perhaps hold FUNC to adjust only B1’s ratio? Currently, holding FUNC and turning the encoder appears to make the ratio jump from minimum to maximum for both. Not very useful imo.

I haven’t found it frustrating so far, but I’ve become accustomed to using many different sounds in each track from my time with nanoloop. Sure, it makes muting specific sounds annoying/impossible, but I’ve been making music like this for years, so it’s what I tend to gravitate towards (unless I’m using Renoise, in which case my channel economy is terrible).


Oh! One more. Different wave shapes like the half sine, absolute sine etc like in OPL3 synthesis. Maybe more options on the extreme ends of the harmonics setting?


it would be cool if lfo of track 2 could be used on track one , 3 on 2 and 1…like on the machine drum


I think the Harmonics setting could be (ab)used nicely for wave folding and other things. Like adding a “Depth” control that would amplify/fold over like on a wave folder. Whatever the current setting is, it could overdrive it, and fold in the peaks present. Would be fun!


I don’t have a 'Tone yet, but this is a feature I’ve often wanted in all the Elektron machines. It makes a ton of sense in FM synth–the more modulation sources, the better!

I have full confidence that many of these features will be implemented, one day. @Simon and many others in Elektron are very enthusiastic about this baby!


Another request… Key-tracked LFO speeds!

  • More KB SCALES: Blues, pentatonic, harmonic and melodic minor.

  • plock on arp has got to happen

  • Arp on MIDI tracks

  • Slide for plocks and notes

  • Note repeats. It’s in the manual but it doesn’t seem to be implemented. Or I just don’t know how to use it.


New to the Digitone… There’s not a Copy Function for Sound & Track in one go, is there? There wasn’t for the Digitakt, so I guess not. Which is a shame if not. The amount of time I spend wanting to juggle my Tracks around, with their Sound intact. Currently I go back and forth, copying the sound, then the track. Copy Pattern is too all encompassing sometimes.


I sometimes miss a shortcut like that. i try to set a fixed structure on all patterns. e.g. t1 = bass, t2 = rhythm, t3 = chords or a fixed line, and t4 = free or some ideas / usually muted so i can improvise with a keyboard.
so i usually have a basic idea from which track the annoying sound is coming :wink: keeps me from to much copy/pasting around


Which page # ?


That’s good. I like the freestyle nature of these boxes. So I write a pattern, then improvise on it across the 16 slots. I think there might be a memory issue with Copy & Paste. Not that I know. But the Digitakt would only hold the last saved Copy, whether it was Sound or Track etc. I imagine that the Digitone is the same. But I’d be happy with the memory concurrently holding my Sound and my Track info. And then I can simply Paste where necessary. And not have the DJ Hell of going back & forth, for the data!


Fine tune SYN ratios. FUNC + Encoder
P-lock arp
Temporary pitch/parameter control. Hold FUNC while changing parameters which snap back when FUNC is released.
Force to scale option (arp)
Swing for the arp
Input notes with frequencies
Direct Pattern Jump option
Input audio as modulation source
Ability to change the two Inputs into Outputs 3 & 4 (not sure if that’s even a possibility but a man can dream!)


Not quite the same, but you could save the sound to the sound pool? It’s pretty easy to then load the sound again to your pasted track.


I’ve noticed that retrig is in the button combo shortcut section of the Digitone manual but nowhere else does it mention it…


Yes, I need to explore that more. And often I’m finding it very quick to design a similar sound on the next Pattern’s Track. But I’m still wondering why Elektron don’t have a Copy All function for each track? The building blocks of the pattern, sounds get linked to tracks. :grinning: I’m hoping that if I say it enough times that Elektron will hear. I should send them an email…Ok, it’s sent!