Digitone feature requests!


good idea! but would only work before you assign a destination. not sure what the best way to implement it


would be ok for me if it would be the first in the list, thats always easy to find…


Joining the choir:

  1. Portamento.
  2. Pr. track scaling. This thing is a pad-monster, but being limited to 4 bars is a shame. Of course, you can work around it in various ways, but that is a workaround that should not be necessary.


+1 We need per track scaling. (Different multipliers per track.)


Pattern Jump Mode, Scale per track


swing for the arp!


I would like operator C to have a multiplier of zero on its list so we can use it as a wave folder/ wave shaper.


after playing with it yesterday night i first had the state of real bliss where just magic happens :smiley: awesome machine!! and the control all is really a cool feature, whish i had this on a 4 too (specially on the a4 i cannot apply perf page tweaks back to the sound).
but: i´ve found that two lfo`s is not really enough… digitone has definitly a more sterile sound as my A4 for example and needs lots of modulation to get alive. so i have to change my top wish: give us two more lfos please!!


Its not a new idea, but still a brilliant idea, to combine FM synthesis with traditional subtractive filters.

Would have bought one if it was not for the silly miniature-sized box and menu-diving approach.

Good luck with your next one.


Would this work? If so that would be a very interesting feature.


wavefolding small

That is how it works in Audulus and Reaktor. It depends a little bit on how the operators are coded, since DN uses a wavetable for it’s waveform. But if the modulator sends an signal of sufficient amplitude to the carrier (which is at 0 Hz) It creates Bessel function. That bessel function is a wave folder when using a simple sine wave and is more complicated with other waveforms. I am really curious to know how a bell tone would shape a sound, for example.


Holding out for the keyboard version?


…or possibility to share every 8 LFO’s to any track (like MD can)


per operator (or at least affecting all operators instead of just the end result) sample rate reduction would be amazing

otherwise, different time scales on different tracks (lke on the OT) would be very useful


Of course it comes down to personal preference. I hope you get to check one out in the flesh. It’s more immediate than one might think. Control all on this machine I find even more useful than on DT. The half size form factor has a lot going for it in my opinion.


Sure said before, but… midi arpeggiator would Be nice


It’d be really cool to implement the ability to modulate the filter with an oscillator.


As for any sequencer : number of steps per page, please !!!


So, after a few hours spent on the Digitone, here is my wishlist :

  • Option to make the arpeggiator pre-scale. Meaning if ou use the custom arpeggiator (which is, well, a sequencer), it forces the notes to the selected scale.

  • Ability to enter decimal ratios to the operators. FUNC + encoder ? The fixed set of ratio is nice but sometimes i love the charm of weird ratios.

  • For the same reasons and for the ease of creating drum sounds : ability to set a fixed frequency to an operator instead of a ratio.

  • Number of steps for each pattern page.

  • Looped modulator envelopes.

Not sure these are feature requests or user error :

  • a way to import sounds from another project to the current one.

  • a way to clear a track from a pattern (erase all trigs).


Try Rec+Func+Clear (Play), I think I used it yesterday…