Digitone feature requests!


Seems like maybe I was the one who misinterpreted it. I’ll give that a try


Nope :-1:, unfortunately can only change the length per track :confused: I tried but the scale is always the same for all tracks. Tried holding the track button etc…


Octatrack is the only Elektron box with individual per track “tempo multiplier”…


Param Slide, Sequencer Mode(Direct Start / Direct Jump), Temp Jump, Kit Save&Load.


Could you elaborate more on this? “Kit Save and Load” and " Temp jump"?


“Kit Save and Load” means that you want to be able to save and read all data except the sequence created in the pattern as a preset.
“Temp jump” is a function that when switched on, it plays the switched pattern only once, then returns to the previous pattern. This is a feature installed in analog RYTM MKII.


Oh so there’s no kits like any other Elektron machine… Just patterns. Yes your request makes sense… thank you


right, changed my list accordingly


In the manual I read: A pattern contains up to eight sounds (one for each synth track)… 8?! I guess was 4…


How about iOS and Android compatibility with both the DT and the DN? It would be very nice to use an App on your phone or tablet to load and save.


Resonant filters on the base and width filter(s)


And a suggestion for a general workflow improvement (on all machines):
When to choose lfo targets, present me the last accessed parameter first!
So when I just adjusted the filter, I go to lfo select the first in the list and start modulating it instead of scrolling through a tiny list… that would be so useful…


Can’t u just use an lfo to modulate the pitch of an operator ?


Feature Requests: A Neopren Dust Cover for Digitone and Digitakt just like the one for the Analog Four MK2, which i really like.

  • Microtonality, loading of scala / tun files (more than 12 notes per octave) - (tired of equal temperament and keyboards :-).
  • Input notes with frequencies (773Hz)
  • Finetune Ratios (1.61, 1.77, etc…)
  • Oscillator with fixed frequency.
  • More assignable LFO and enveloppes.

Think mathematicians.


What do you think about my propsal ? After X BAR repeats, the track is played with a different sound lock from the sound pool?


You can kind of do this by using two steps next to each other, offset one by microtiming so they play at the same time, and using cond locks to add randomness


Wave folder effect or
Buchla timbre style effect
TRIPLE waveshaper

Or maybe the digitone can already do all this!


Now that is a big workflow enhancer! Good suggestion


Yes, i know, but i think my proposal is not hard to code, and i would not exceed the 64 step limit.