Digitone feature requests!


a foldable bowl that allows the smoke to become modulated before u inhale


something like a harmonica brace. so I can play it with my face.


This guy speaks the truth :rofl:


(in order of importance):
-two more lfos!
-plockable ARP!
-scale tempo per pattern
-plockable Effects with its own channel like on A4
-Note repeat like on octa
-direct jump from pattern to patter like on A4
-make it possible to activate odd ratios by clicking shift
-make the arp swing
-make every operator pitch a single target in lfo targets
-drive makes audible click when activated, this makes using an lfo on it a bit finicky (more of a bug)
-random arp
-switchable envelope shapes like on a4
-more options in the Second filter page, q setting, self oscillation, shelving filter, alternative overdrive (lots of space left in the second page)


This should be the master list!


Possibility to exclude tracks from control all mode (pattern level or project level?).


P-Locked values aren’t affected by cntrl-all(where the parameter is locked)- if that helps


yes i know, thanx a lot. but put in p-locks all parameters of a track so it’s not affected by control all is too much pain, no?


If you have a general idea for what you want to stay the same, on the track then it’s nice to have that option


yes sûre, better than nothing. and don’t get me wrong, control all is cool, it could be super cool !:slight_smile:


it already has two filters


Only one request so far: Scale per track.

For an instrument like the DTo this is a real must-have.


Better way to do chaining. Currently it’s difficult to repeat the first pattern in a chain. I really like how it’s implemented in the little PocketOperators.


I would love to have random sound locks, i.e. set the target of the random lock not to a note, instead set it to a sound, that would be awesome. I know it works if i set a note to a step, and change it, but it would be aweseome to set sound lock, and then let the track run with a different sound, after X repeats.


When I preordered I somehow thought that independent track length assumed that. Once I unboxed device and turned on I realized… oh my.


From page 34 of the manual…

In this mode, you can assign individual lengths the tracks of the pattern. Press [FUNC] + [YES] to switch between the two scale modes. In LENGTH PER TRACK mode, two columns exist, TRACK and PATTERN.


Length per track is ok, I was responding to someone who mentioned scale per track. It seems like only Octa can do that. For example I would love to have 1st track to have 4 bars of bass line and 2nd track to have 1/4 scale to have effectively 16bars where I could record chord progression. Currently it is kinda doable by having entire pattern scale to be 1/4 and then have bass line track length of 16 steps to kinda emulate 4bars at 1x scale. Just a bit limiting for shorter track to loose ability to enter 16th notes.


According to the manual you can set individual scale per track. Page 34.


I think it’s still only length per track and scale affects the whole pattern. I’d really like to see scale per track though.


It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve misinterpreted a text but it would be great if someone could double-check and/or test this out.

From page 34 of the manual (cont)…

The TRACK column sets the step length of the track. It works just like setting the pattern length in LENGTH PER PATTERN mode. The settings only affects the active track. Press the [TRK] keys to select the track whose scale settings you wish to edit.