Digitone feature requests!


It would be nice something like the MIXER page in the Digitakt, since there are 4 tracks the other 4 encoders could be assigned to the mod wheel of each track to have easier access to the performance macros you configured for them.

EDIT: Something like this

  1. Arpeggiator on MIDI tracks

  2. Arpeggiator random mode

  3. P-lockable arpeggiator speed.


I have a request:
I sold mine a few weeks ago. Now I’m missing it really hard.
Ordered one last week.
I request that it will be delivered faster!



I don’t understand people like you :smile:, it’s like yeah let’s get married, divorced after a few weeks, then finding out you want her back


Hey :wink:
I wanted to reduce my gear to concentrate on a few boxes only. Didn’t worked out well.
I would not compare synthesizers with marriage. Tbh: I don’t have a deeper bound to synths at all :wink:
But the digitakt is fine - multitimbral, polyphonic, yippie sequencer, small formfactor - it’s hard to beat I guess.

edit: digitone was what I wanted to say… not digitakt.


best way, for me is multiple small setups, or box some gear and store it for a while…

Anyway here we go again:
-nr1 priority fix the arp and scales bug.
-give us RND arp and MIDI ARP


nr3 you can do already but it’s a megahassle. save the same sound as soundpool sound with different arp resolutions and then use it as soundlock!


That’s genius. Thanks for the tip :+1:

I’d love to see the MIDI tracks developed with arp functions. It seems several people request the same thing in this thread. Have Elektron commented on this?
I haven’t been around here much so apologies if this topic has been discussed to death already :wink:


A good way to deal with that is put the stuff in the closet. If you dont wanna pull it out after 6 months, could be time to sell.

But this whole buy it, sell it, buy it, sell it again…BUY IT business, is silly.

Perhaps if you had something back in the day and sold out of need, now many years later you want that old sound again and you re-buy…that kinda makes sense.


It is pure shit in my opinion because basically the most innovative arp is in Monomachine or maybe in the Octa which I don’t have, and that works with midi! A4 doesn’t and now DN also. At least a random arp on DN would benefit my generative ambient tracks or breath new life into other gear I have if I could send RND arp to midi out! No they keep on omitting ‘sequencer functions’ in all the machines. Sick of this ‘sale’ aspect. FFS people think all the machines would benefit from newer technology but no. Damn imagine a the monomachine arps over midi, machindrums 16lfo’s, indiv track length, indiv track speed, scales per track, retrig, fills, conditionals, modulatable fx, looping envelopes, etc in 1machine.
Even my korg sq1 can do things my elektrons can’t!


M.I.D.I. A.R.P.



let’s bomb this thread with RND MIDI ARP :slightly_smiling_face: maybe they will listen


But also P-locking mod and pitch wheel changes :slight_smile:


You can do that by turning the track route to main off in the audio routing menu.


We should close this thread now


Conditional Sound Locks


Yeah the MnM arp was awesome. It would be perfect to see something like that in the Digitone…

  • Midi Arp
  • Arp random mode
  • Retrig or Plockable Arp
  • Pattern Chain Saving

All in all, I love the new updates and Elektron has knocked it out of the park with the Digitone! I love this machine. If any other features are added, it’s just icing on the :cake:

  • The sound setup menu should remember which sub-menu you were on last.
    As it is now, it’s a PITA to setup modulation sources.

For instance, when I want to adjust the Aftertouch modulation settings I have to:

  • press the key combo FUNC+TRIG
  • scroll all the way down to Aftertouch
  • press YES to enter the Aftertouch menu
    Every time!

It should work just like the normal settings menu, which remembers the last sub-menu you accessed.


I just found the parameter+yes randomization. It seems like this would be easy to implement to the arp for randomization, right?

And while we’re at it, I’d love to have that randomization midi mapped so that a single pad could randomize whatever page is displayed. Or even run through the LFO.