Digitone feature requests!


Additional effects please. Flanger, bitcrusher, etc.


Still no midi arp. Why? Can’t the device handle it?


Allow relative midi encoder messages.


Seconding this. It’d be nice to be able to set up modulation settings quickly.

In particuluar, I’ll often set up modulation for a parameter (like, say, operator A level), then decide I want to alter the base parameter as well, then tweak the modulation range again.

Every time, I have to go to sound setup, then scroll and reenter the menu. It’s an absolute nuisance and a workflow killer.


Wow, not the most obvious GUI there and I missed it in the manual. But YES!! Inf reverb and no direct signal, My life is complete :slight_smile:

Thank you!!


• Fx parameters controlled with LFOs
• Fx parameter locks
• Preview of the browsed sounds while playing a sequence
• 2 more LFOs on the synths side
• 2 more on the MIDI side
• for multi map : define the zones just by pressing the keys
• hear the sound of a p-lock trig when pressing it
• make a p-lock trig become the main sound

Such a great machine already !


I would love to see that the Audio Input FX Routing is just “on” or “off”.
Not only if a note was triggered on the Tracks.
Please let me steer that. Thank you!.


I would love to be able to steer the FX of the Audio In.
“On” or “Off” not only if the note on the track is triggered.
Thank You.


I’ve just got a Digitone and am loving having a hardware FM synth in my arsenal. One thing that would make me love it more is a legato mono option for basses and leads!


A cover that looks like gear you already owned for when your spouse comes in to the studio. :wink:


Swing parameter to change groove of arpeggiator.
More arpeggiator modes in addition to up, down and cycle.
P-lock arp

Basically just get that arp right on the money…

or not… whatever’s good.


You can get close to this by turning on portamento and locking the track to a single voice in the Voice settings. It might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but I was just doing exactly this with a lead voice today and loved it.


MASTER TUNE is totally a must on this synth. Maybe even some alternative microtonal tuning options. Please take this in consideration!!!


it does of course already have this, to avoid confusion that it’s a feature request


I second that, a quick toggle between mono, poly and unison modes would be great.


Sometimes I would like to change pattern - but only on a few tracks while performing.
Maybe lock t1, and only change t2-t4 to another pattern. Also on Digitakt or Octatrack.
I hope that makes any sense :smiley:
No idea how that could be implemented.


This would be great for smooth transitions, but of course the devil is in the workflow details.


ARP compatible with scale
ARP speed lockable
More scales
Randomizable ARP settings


I’ve had my digitone for a week now.

So far, I love it, but it would be nice to set the LFO destination for the effects params and also trig note. Looking for more ways to create some generative/random patterns.


I would love for a pattern/bank overview type of thing, so I could see the pattern names for each of the 16 patterns in the bank (not sure how this would work across banks). Something like a list view when holding FUNC+BANK or FUNC+PTN.

Maybe also some way to see the track sound names in the current pattern? I know it shows the track sound name when switching tracks, but would be nice to have an overview.