Digitone feature requests!


So I just found something about the arp that really really really does not work as I had expected.

What the arp does is, it plays a note-sequence, then for range > 1, it repeats that sequence in higher octaves.

With arp mode = up, this works how every other arp does, and it’s fine.
With arp mode = down, this plays your notes downwards then repeats that upwards in octaves. This is not the opposite of what you get with arp mode = up. You get a rising sequence of smaller falling sequences, not a sequence that falls over multiple octaves.
It’s worst with arp mode = cycle. In this mode, first the exact notes you input notes are played going up, then going down, then it steps up through octaves to repeat that. Contrast the behaviour of playing up through the octaves, then down through the octaves, then repeating.

Compare this with any other arp. I’ll take the one on my bass station 2 for example. When I set my BS2 to play a descending arp over 3 octaves, it does the highest octave first and descends from there. When I set it to updown, it plays up through the octave range, then down through the octave range. Adding more octaves means it plays up further then down further, rather than having an updown pattern that gets repeated in one octave more.

Basically, the range control is always set to ‘up’ even when the arp mode is down or cycle. It always transposes up into the next octave.

Let’s put some notes on this!
Mode = up, range = 3, notes = {C3, E3, G3}
Output: C3 E3 G3 C4 E4 G4 C5 E5 G5 repeat
This is fine, it plays the notes upwards then repeats upwards by octaves then loops. It makes an ascending sound.

Mode = down, range = 3, notes = {C3, E3, G3}
Actual digitone output: G3 E3 C3 G4 E4 C4 G5 E5 C5 repeat
This is weird, it plays the notes downward in the octave, then plays the octaves upwards even with the mode set to down?

Expected output: G5 E5 C5 G4 E4 C4 G3 E3 C3
This is what I expected and what most other arps do. It would make a descending sound, the inverse of the ‘up’ arp mode.

Feature request: that arp mode includes the range control for down and cycle modes / behaviour changed to mirror every other arp out there. Although I suppose people have composed songs with the current behaviour, so I guess elektron are locked in now. In that case, a toggle? Or more arp modes that behave correctly with a multi-octave range? or a ‘negative’ range where it can decrease by octaves? or func+range for range-including-arpmode? Or something anything that fixes this misfeature.

It’s as though elektron saw that synth arps have a range control, but didn’t actually understand what it means, or actually use it to see what it does. It shouldn’t do ascending octave repeats. It should set the range of the arpeggio.


Also, it’d be nice if the arp could default to something a touch faster than one note per bar on blank patterns. Arps are usually used at a faster rhythm than that.

I know that I can’t just toggle it on and use it, that I have to actually configure note length and mode etc etc before it’ll do what I want. But sometimes just being able to go “what if I use the arp with this?” would be nice. And in that case, I am never thinking about using it to play a note per bar.

It would be helpful if just toggling it on (without entering the arp menu) let me hear it with a ‘typical’ setting, like 4ths, 8ths, or 16ths. Currently it defaults to the most extreme slow speed it can possibly take.


Some way to get 100% wet reverb, delay or choice without any dry signal.


As my Digitone is increasingly replacing my A4 for sequencing duties, I’d appreciate some A4-style exponential curves for the envelope decays, on the filter at least.


Agree ! It was quite disturbing for me the first time I launched it :thinking:, never seen this before, anywhere. Could be a global device setting, or set to 1/16th or 1/8th by default, this 1 bar setting doesn’t make sense.


Yes please to this. I’d also love a 2nd LFO for midi signals. I feel like I’m spoiled by having 2 on the internal sounds.


again midi arp/random arp, A4 style mixer and mutes on the first four trigs that also works in midi modus! Indiv track speed! Pattern chains saving actually so basically some sort of songmode! Some other filters, peak, perhaps a formant? Trig page needs retrig option? parameter slide! incoming audio to filter! Plockable fx parameters! 2nd midi LFO! Smooth random LFO! Neighbour tracks! ETC


Having recently picked up an A4, it would be great to have the keyboard set the root note so that the next trig you place is already tuned to the right note. This is a fantastic bit of workflow on the A4 and would speed up programming on the Digitone a fair bit.


I’ve been sound designing on the Digitone a lot and I love it. However, I always end up having slightly too much low mids / mud. It’d be great to have a band pass on filter page 2, in addition to its hp and lp.

Yeah I know it’s an FM synth, so filtering isn’t the ”right” thing to do :slight_smile: And I know I can just scoop the mud out on Ableton.

But now that the Digitone has that filter page 2, it’d be great to have a band pass option on it!


Isn’t the base/width filter a bandpass? (The 2nd Filter page)


Yes, it is. Not super steep though.


Thanks for the reply! I guess I’m actually talking about a notch here… Ableton Live type EQ3. There would be space for it on filter page 2.

Not whining too much here - I’m completely fine with Digitone as it is :slight_smile: I just always end up needing to eq out the low mids.


There is space for many things on that page… :thinking:


Had a thought on my way into work today. I often manually sweep the x/y mix for variation and I know this can be done with an lfo. It would be interesting to be able to apply an lfo to the X or Y independently, like a bit of tremolo so that sweeping back and forth introduces the tremolo.


That doesn’t make much sense, x\y mix is one parameter, how would you “sweep them” independently?
you can set the knob to full left\right position and then apply lfo to have the modulations you are talking about, i think


Not sweep them independently, I think it would be interesting to be able to apply an lfo to one side, x or y (left or right) independently.


Vesa mount battery, take my money!


Scale Per Track.


EDIT: Never mind, recordable sound trigs in multi mode just hit with 1.21, so I’m good! Live finger drum recording, here I come!


How about record arming so the play head doesn’t start until you hit the first note?